TCS Alum Recognized in “20 Under 20” Awards

(Left to Right): Elizabeth Gore ’21, Head of School Roslyn Benjamin, Lula Greene ’21


Last month, TCS Alum Lula Greene ‘21 was named a runner-up for Rough Draft Atlanta’s 15th annual  “20 Under 20” honorees. Click here for the story.

The award is given to local Atlantans who are under 20-years-old and who juggle their education while giving back to their community “in meaningful ways.”

Lula was named a runner-up for her volunteer work with a local daycare and summer camp and for starting a business at her school, Academe of the Oaks, to raise money for international students in need.

Here Lula tells us more about her volunteer work, how her time at TCS inspired her work and her plans for the future!

Can you share a bit about your volunteering at daycares and summer camps and creating a school business to raise money for international students in need?

My summer camp is called Rockbrook Camp for Girls. I have been attending it since I was five, but this year was my first opportunity to work. I hand-washed 300 people’s dishes 3 meals a day and set the table before each meal. I also planned several surprise events and had the opportunity to teach activities, take care of younger campers during staff meetings, and serve as a role model for the kids. This past year I spent a week working at a shelter for women with children under 12 months that also has a daycare called Our House. I really enjoyed my time there. 

What inspired you to do these things that make a positive impact on your community?

I have always loved giving back to communities that have served me. I find it very rewarding. 

Were there any specific experiences or teachings from TCS that influenced your work?

In 3rd grade, my friend and I started the Spirit Shop at TCS, which is now managed by the 8th grade class. Starting to sell merchandise at Academe was a direct result of this experience. 

Can you share the impact of your work?

This summer I spent 324 hours working at my camp and I spent 35 hours at our house. 

Are there specific skills or lessons you learned from this project that you find particularly valuable?

Working at camp I learned the value of hard work and furthered my collaboration skills while living in close quarters. 

What advice would you give to current TCS students who aspire to make a positive impact on their communities?

Focus on the things that go along with your values and it will create a larger connection to your work.

How can individuals, regardless of age, get involved in community improvement projects?

Look for opportunities within communities you already are part of and try to get your friends involved, too. It makes it more enjoyable. 

How does it feel to receive recognition for this award for your efforts?

I am very grateful for their recognition and it makes it feel like my hard work is paying off. 

What does this award mean to you personally and for the community you’ve been working to improve?

Receiving this recognition motivates me to stay involved in the work I have been doing. 

Do you have any future plans or projects in mind for further contributing to your community?

Once the weather improves I will begin working in the school garden. 

How do you envision continuing your involvement in community service or improvement?

My school has many opportunities that allow us to volunteer, and I plan on continuing my work through my school. 

Have you started looking at colleges, yet? If so, do you know where you want to go and what you want to study?

I have! I do not know where I want to go but I would like to get a business management degree.