TCS Sugarberry Tree Recognized by State

The Children’s School has a champion sugarberry tree on our Rainbow Playground. It’s the second largest in the state!

Urban and Community Forestry Specialist Dave Long from the Georgia Forestry Commission came to campus on Fri., Dec. 8 to measure the tree after TCS parent, alum and arborist, Anna Hauser, noticed the tree last year when she was on campus.

“I was struck by the size of the sugarberry tree over the Rainbow Playground. It’s particularly notable because that species of tree is rarely anywhere near that size and rarely has such a broad horizontal form,” said Anna.

Anna was on campus earlier this school year to teach the kindergartners about native trees as a part of their tree PBL unit. They measured the sugarberry to see how it compares to the city and state champion trees. While they weren’t able to measure the height or width of the tree, the circumference of the trunk was larger than the national champ!

Anna nominated the sugarberry as a champion tree with Trees Atlanta and the Georgia Forestry Commission, and on Dec. 11 we found out that our tree is the second largest of its species in Georgia!  

“I would like to formally congratulate you on your GA champion status sugarberry,” said Dave. “Based on our score, it appears that yours is the second largest of this species in the state. It was an honor to get to measure it and present to the kids. Enjoy your bragging rights!”