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Why Your Gift Matters

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Why Your Gift Matters

The Children’s School’s commitment to preserving childhood, learning through play, inclusivity and community engagement is unique. However, all independent schools depend on parent, grandparent, alumni, and community giving to close the gap between tuition and the actual cost of running the school. We’re especially proud of and grateful to our parents, without whom TCS wouldn’t exist. Last year TCS parent participation in annual giving was 30% higher than the national average for independent schools. That says a lot about the commitment of our community and provides an even larger impact, as parent participation encourages large institutional gifts from foundations that see parent giving as a vote of confidence in the school.

We ask every member of our community to consider a meaningful gift to TCS each year, to be thoughtful about your commitment and to consider the value of the role that TCS plays for you and your family. Your tax-deductible gift ensures that TCS can continue to offer Atlanta families an outstanding educational experience.

For more information on making a gift, please contact Christie Parke, director of development, at (404) 873-6985 or by email at

The TCS Fund – Our Annual Giving Campaign

Each year, our community of parents, grandparents, alumni, board members, faculty and staff, corporations and foundations join together in making meaningful philanthropic gifts to The Children’s School. Our annual giving campaign focuses on three areas of the school (1) student experience, (2) faculty and staff development and (3) financial aid.

Your gifts make an immediate and profound difference at TCS. The Annual Giving Campaign reaches out to all corners of the school, helping shape every student’s experience. Each year, your gift ensures that current TCS students have all the tools and support needed for academic and social success. Participation in the Annual Giving Campaign is critical at The Children’s School. We strive to have 100% of our families support the campaign at a level that is meaningful for them. Your participation, at a level that is meaningful for your family, not only helps us to reach our financial objectives but sends a clear message that we are a community that is invested in education and committed to the success of this institution.

We ask you to give as a way to say thanks, to honor outstanding teaching, and to continue the transformational role TCS has played in your family and your child’s life.

Make a Gift

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact Christie Parke, director of annual giving and alumni relations:


The Annual Giving Campaign enables TCS to enrich the student experience above and beyond the day-to-day costs covered by tuition. This includes things like arts and athletics equipment, classroom technology, field trips, and guest authors and musicians. Gifts at every level help enhance the TCS learning environment.

In this past year:

50 gifts of $50 helped fund Community Service Saturdays by providing for materials needed to complete such projects as making sandwiches for the homeless and creating thank-you cards for Atlanta’s firefighters and emergency responders.

25 gifts of $500 helped make possible the new Midi Studio, which enables students to compose music electronically. They will also support students in discovering and honing their musical talents on our brand new baby grand piano!

15 gifts of $2,500 enabled TCS to purchase 40 new computers and monitors for the campus, as well as interactive smart boards for the classrooms.

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact Christie Parke, director of annual giving and alumni relations:


The Annual Giving Campaign affords TCS faculty the opportunity to advance their professional education, ensuring a constantly growing faculty and a more powerful educational experience for all TCS students. Faculty learning highlights from this past year include:

Five teaching teams attended the Greg Tang Math Plus conference, which helped teachers build on their math skills, including their Singapore Math skills. The conference goals are to open eyes and minds to new ways of learning, teaching, living and being.

Early Learning teams attended an intensive Reggio Emilia workshop focused on democracy and social justice, farm-to-table, robots, webcams, the value of risk, and designing learning environments.

Five members of of our administration and faculty attended the intensive week-long Diversity Leadership Institute. The institute focused on the following topics: inter-cultural conflict; leading and managing diversity initiatives; dynamics of power and privilege; curriculum development that is inclusive to all; intercultural communication; and racial, ethnic, and cultural identity.

Contact Us:

For more information, please contact Christie Parke, director of annual giving and alumni relations:


As a community that values diversity in all of its forms, TCS embraces economic diversity through a robust financial aid program. Over the past three years, requests for financial aid have increased 30%. Your gifts to the Annual Giving Campaign help make our community’s commitment to diversity a reality.

The Annual Giving Campaign subsidizes a small portion of tuition for need-based aid to students and helps to ensure that TCS educates students from families of diverse socio-economic and professional backgrounds. In these challenging economic times, requests for financial aid have increased 30% in the past three years. We hope that you will consider supporting the Annual Giving Campaign today. Our fiscal year runs from June 1, -May 31.

“Financial aid has given my child such a gift—to be in a place with such great diversity and a creative learning environment, and to grow and learn at an institution that empowers them to be whatever they dream, and inspires them to give back to our community.”

Philanthropy Fast Facts:


Student Experience

This includes things like arts and athletics equipment, classroom technology, field trips, and guest authors and musicians.


Faculty Development

Funds for Professional Development increased 160% since 2013, affording TCS faculty opportunities to advance their professional education and further enrich minds and inspire dreams.


Financial Aid

Requests for financial aid have increased 30% in the past three years. Your gift to the annual giving campaign helps to support our robust financial aid program.

Giving Societies

The McDill Society logo

The McDill Society

Honoring our found Lila McDill, the McDill Society is the cornerstone of philanthropic giving at TCS. This society is open to individuals and corporations who give $2,500 or more annually. Members gather each year to discuss the school and celebrate its successes. Make your McDill Society gift today!

Marcia’s Circle of Friends logo

Marcia’s Circle of Friends


In 1989, parent and board member Marcia Prewitt Spiller became the interim assistant head of school, and the following year, the board appointed Marcia the head of school. Under Marcia’s tenure, enrollment more than doubled, the character development program was formalized, foreign language was added and student body diversity grew to more than 41%. A gift of any size from a TCS alum or alumni family is your entrance into Marcia’s Circle of Friends.


Wilma Pollard Scholarship & Teacher Development Fund logo

Wilma Pollard Scholarship & Teacher Development Fund

Honoring our beloved first-grade teacher and her 30 years of service to The Children’s School, the “Wilma Pollard Scholarship Fund” supports two initiatives Wilma was passionate about: tuition assistance for African-American students and faculty development in cultural competence and racial equity.



Auction Sponsors

GA Private School
Tax Credit

Socioeconomic diversity is at the heart of the TCS community and one of the primary ways we fund financial aid is through the Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program (GPT). To date, we have awarded over $2.1 million in scholarships as a result of parents, grandparents, alumni, and parents of alumni participating in GPT. 

Through this program, you or your company can redirect a portion of your Georgia tax liability to provide need-based financial aid to families seeking an alternative to public school. The Children’s School partners with Apogee Scholarship Fund, a state-approved student scholarship organization to administer the tax credit program. 

This initiative is a great way to support  financial aid at TCS and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Georgia state taxes in the tax year the donation is made . 

How to Participate – It Takes Less than a Minute!

The Apogee Scholarship Fund, a state approved SSO, is our GPT partner. You apply to support TCS through Apogee.

Step 1: Apply 

 Click here to apply online prior to December 15.

 (All you need is name, address, tax filing status and SSN for you and spouse if filing jointly.)

Click here for a step-by-step explanation on how to fill out the form for new participants.

Step 2: Pre-Approval by the Dept. of Revenue

Apogee will submit your application to the DOR. You will receive a letter in January which includes your pre-approved tax credit amount. 

Step 3: Fund Your Pre-Approved Tax Credit

You have 60 days from receipt of your pre-approval to fund your credit through Apogee. 

Click here to pay online with a credit card

Click here for instructions on how to pay via paper check

Step 4: Use Your Tax Credit

Please note the DOR is requiring tax payers to file their Georgia income tax returns electronically in order to claim the Qualified Education Expense tax credit (That is what your GPT credit is called on your tax return.) 

Click here for more information.


Christie Parke
Director of Development
404-873-6985 or 762-323-8277 (cell)

GA Private School Tax Credit FAQ

What is the total amount set aside by the Georgia Legislature for private school tax credits annually?

For 2020, the amount allocated for all schools in Georgia is $100 million.

When and where can I apply?

Early applications are accepted by Apogee beginning June 1 and will be submitted in Jan. 1 to have the greatest chance of being accepted. Click here to apply.

Is there a limit to the annual amount I can contribute?

Yes, the amount you can redirect is limited by your tax filing status. Participants can redirect up to:

  • $1,000 individual filer
  • $2,500 married filing jointly
  • $1,250 married filing separately
  • $10,000 for pass-through taxpayers (members of LLC, S-Corp shareholder or partnerships)
  • 75% of a C-Corporation or taxable trust’s total Georgia tax liability

How do I know what my Georgia tax liability is?

Your Georgia tax liability is typically 6% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). You can also look at Line 18 of your Georgia tax return (Form 500) to learn your Georgia tax liability.

What happens if my donation exceeds my tax liability?

The tax credit is a “non-refundable” credit so you cannot receive a refund for any more than your Georgia tax liability, BUT you can carry it forward for up to five years.

Is this donation a charitable deduction on my Federal return in addition to the credit?

Yes, as Apogee is a 501c3, you are eligible to receive a federal charitable deduction for the amount of your contribution. The law does require that you increase your State income by the amount of your Charitable Deduction on your Federal Return (donation amount).

How do the credits get allocated and how long can we apply?

The credits are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We estimate the $100 million cap will be met sometime in March.

When is the money due and to whom do I pay it?

There is a two-step process – once the Department of Revenue receives your application on Jan. 1, it typically takes 30 days to approve. After that, you have 60 days to make the contribution to Apogee. All contributions are paid directly to Apogee.

Who benefits from my redirection?

Your redirection is not allocated to a specific student – to be eligible for funds from this credit, students must be:

  • Eligible to enroll in a public pre-K, kindergarten or first grade
  • Coming from a public school to a private school for the first time
  • Coming from a home-school or charter school environment for the first time for one-year at least
  • Previously received an SSO scholarship
  • Attended a minimum of 45 days of public school the previous year

Can I reduce my estimated tax payments by the amount I donate?

Yes! Ask your accountant to reduce each of your quarterly estimated tax payments by 25% of the amount of your contribution.

Can Apogee help me understand how this credit will affect my specific tax situation?

Yes, Apogee is well versed in the specifics of how this credit affects most tax scenarios and is happy to offer guidance in how this credit is related to your specific tax situation. You should also contact your tax advisor as they have the best understanding of your specific tax situation.