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The Courage to Innovate

As The Children’s School enters our sixth decade, our mission and purpose have never been more urgent or necessary. Confronting a global pandemic, TCS stands confident and committed in knowing we already know how to “do school differently,” reimagining engaged learning in a physically distanced world without losing the challenging academics and nurturing environment that make up the foundation of TCS.

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Project-based learning at The Children’s School is an experience that transcends books, classrooms and our campus. We design projects around real-world problems facing our community to help students learn in a more meaningful way.

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"During this time of change, I find confidence in the learning materials and teacher support, the continued fostering of learning, and the tight-knit community we have at TCS."

– TCS Parent

A deep relationship between students and their teachers is the key to intellectual and emotional growth and learning. TCS’s expert teachers challenge students every day to become their best selves.

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Extended Day after-school programs at The Children’s School encourage children to explore and expand upon their passions. Age 3 - grade 8 students focus on the arts and STEAM learning!

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Come for the love. Stay for the learning transformation.

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October 04 2019


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October 04 2019


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October 04 2019



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