Classes of 2019 and 2020 Excel in a Diversity of High Schools

Photo was taken in December 2018

For 50 years, The Children’s School has graduated students who are grounded, empathetic, generous and compassionate problem-solvers who know the value of their voice and possess the academic and social-emotional skills needed to shape the world for good.

All TCS students enter an enriched environment that not only nurtures them, but also challenges them and prepares them, step by step, for their eventual transition to high school and beyond. “At TCS, we don’t believe that you have to choose between a nurturing school and a rigorous school,” said Assistant Head for Academics and Upper School Director Allen Broyles.

“Our students are going to inhabit a world driven by creative and critical thinking, collab-oration skills, adaptability and empathy. We are seeing a shift in the business world where publications like The Harvard Business Review are full of articles about social-emotional intelligence and open-ended planning, and how critical these skills are in the modern work environment. We are preparing our students for this world.”

Our graduates thrive academically in a variety of high schools—independent, public, day schools, and boarding schools across Atlanta and the U.S. Over the past two years, 96 percent of our eighth grade graduates have been accepted to their first-choice high school.

“TCS taught me how to think deeper and more critically about problems in life, how to enjoy learning, and how to use my voice to speak up, not only for myself, but for what I see as right in everyday situations,” said Caitlin Stanley, TCS Class of 2020 and a sophomore at Mid-
town High School (formerly Grady High School).

Parents reported back that their high schoolers were excelling in some very challenging Advanced Placement (AP) and honors classes—with mostly A’s and some B’s in their new educational homes.

“We are thrilled with the TCS Middle Grades experience that Payton had,” said Samantha Hodgkins, parent to Payton Vermeer, TCS Class of 2019 and a junior at Vail Christian High School in Vail, Colo. “She is thriving and succeeding at a very high level. Her high school is a traditional college prep structure, and she is excelling academically; grounded in her school community; leading and loving her athletics (varsity volleyball), theater, and chorale ensemble; and recognized by teachers as an articulate, grounded, mature student.”

TCS’s project-based learning approach not only gives our students hands-on lessons and real-world learning experiences that keep them interested and engaged, but it also challenges our students academically and provides a multitude of social-emotional benefits.

“Project-based learning at TCS goes far beyond hands-on engagement. It challenges our students to ask questions and search for the answers,” said Allen. “In that journey, they not only learn information, they find true understanding and are able to make an impact.”

McKenzy Cash, TCS Class of 2020 and a sophomore at The Galloway School, took what he learned in his TCS project-based learning units on creating and running a business—and the
real-world experience he gained when his class ran the Spirit Shop—and turned
the lessons into Cash Customs (, a custom clothing business.

“I learned through trial and error and seeing how people reacted to our Spirit Shop products. I learned things like SKUs and inventory and how to price, where to buy, and the logistics of running a shop online. I learned not only from my teachers, but also from my (TCS) classmates,” said McKenzy.

Outside of the classroom, our graduates are also exploring their passions and demonstrating their leadership in extracurricular activities ranging from varsity sports, theater, debate, chorus, and volunteer engagement.

From helping our students find their voice and their strengths, to giving them a diverse, inclusive environment where teachers and staff become like family, the TCS experience prepares students through core academic subjects like writing, math, science, social studies, study skills, and high school and college preparation with 21st century skills like creativity, collaboration, adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, and open-ended planning our students will need to succeed in high school and beyond.

“I believe that the most important skills that Poppy learned at TCS are her critical thinking skills,” said Stephanie Hope, parent to Poppy Hope, Class of 2020 alum and sophomore at Academe of the Oaks. “One of her (high school) teachers remarked that Poppy’s intellectual curiosity and her ability to analyze and interpret texts added depth to the class-room and made her teacher think about concepts that he had not even planned to introduce. We believe that these skills were developed and honed by the amazing faculty at TCS.”

“Leonard and I feel so fortunate that Poppy’s elementary and middle school years were spent at TCS,” said Stephanie. TCS helped shape Poppy into the remarkable young woman that she is today.”