TCS Cross Country Wins Big At First Meet

TCS Cross Country won big last Friday at the team’s first meet: TCS won a gold in each category! A HUGE thanks to the coaches, Danielle, Dianne, Jenny and Adam, and to each of the runners for all of their hard work.

Here are the winners:

Boys 5th/6th Grade Winner: Michael Aaron (1st place)





Boys 3rd/4th Grade Winners: Stephan Boer (1st place) and Zander Grant (2nd place)







Girls 3rd/4th Grade Winners: Reeves Freeman (1st place), Zoe Taylor (2nd place) and Zoe Albert (3rd place)






Girls 5th/6th Grade Winners: Ocean Bort (1st place) and Ellery Hammerstrom (2nd place)






Boys 3rd/4th Grade Relay Winners (1st place): Stephan Boer, Nathaniel Halpern, Xander Shotz and Zander Grant






Boys 5th/6th Grade Relay Winners (1st place): William Stone, Henry Polazzo, Peyton Ritter and Michael Aaron






Girls 3rd/4th Grade Relay Winners (1st place): Zoe Taylor, Zoe Albert, Reeves Freeman and Sonia Alizadeh







Girls 5th/6th Grade Relay Winners (1st place): Elizabeth Cohen, Ava von Kutzleben, Ellery Hammerstrom and Madison Williams-Zachery