TCS Receives Major Grant to Expand Learning Resources Program

We are thrilled to announce that the Grass Family Foundation has made a significant commitment in support of TCS’s Learning Resources program to expand this program for our students. This grant is a great vote of confidence in our school’s mission to enrich minds and inspire dreams and it expands our Resource Learning program to provide support and services to even more students.

As a result of this tremendous gift, we have increased our literacy specialists from one full-time and one part-time specialist to three full-time specialists and have added back a full-time math specialist.

This grant allows us to focus on students who need additional literacy and mathematical support. While those students will benefit most directly, all TCS students will benefit when their classmates enjoy greater success. Literacy and math specialists will partner closely with classroom teachers, coaching them on math and reading strategies, and helping to provide a more cohesive learning experience for TCS students across all grade-levels. We will further expand the program to include an on-campus speech pathologist, occupational therapist, executive function coach, and testing coordinator.

The on-campus occupational therapist and speech language pathologist will allow students to meet during the school day and allow for more collaboration with classroom teachers to ensure academic alignment for students who need this type of support. The executive function coach will provide individual student support and also teacher coaching. All students will receive support in managing their school lives and further developing the skills needed to manage their school work and relationships.

In short, this tremendous gift will help us continue to meet our obligation to parents to prepare all our students for challenging high school admissions and academic success.

Thank you again to the Grass Family Foundation for this significant investment in brave learning. It’s an exciting time to be a part of The Children’s School, and we look forward to celebrating continued success with this community!