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What is a Web Filter?

An internet filter is software that protects users from inappropriate web content. It works by blocking sites with keywords deemed inappropriate. All search engines and Internet Service Providers have built-in filters. However, only a few of them will allow you to customize. Blocks and filters are useful, but they are not foolproof. Older and savvy Internet users occasionally circumvent tools parents have put into place to monitor and keep children safe on the Internet.


K9 Web Protection Browser for iPad

K9 Web Protection Browser is a popular app that allows parental controls and  internet web filtering. The app is backed by Blue Coat Systems- the leading web filtering and content control technology. This app provides children with the same protection trusted by Fortune 500 companies around the world. Visit the iTunes store for more information


Open DNS FamilyShield

OpenDNS is one of the best DNS services. FamilyShield does not require any configuration to block adult websites using your Internet connection. The filter updates automatically and this application is free! FamilyShield is installed on your router. Once installed every device in your home is filtered- gaming systems, mobile devices, laptops, PCs and Macs. Visit the OpenDNS website for more information and directions on ow to install FamilyShiedl to your router


Mobicip Safe Browser with Parental Controls

Safe Browser is the most popular parental control app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and the iPad. The optional web based dashboard allows parents to monitor browsing history remotely and set up a custom internet filter across tablets, smart phones, and computers. Mobicip also encrypts all Internet traffic for over-the-protection at unsecured WiFi hotspots. To learn more about Mobicip visit their website:


Net Nanny

Net Nanny offers real-time filtering technology tom give parents complete visibility and control over their child’s online activity with parental controls. Net Nanny offers you the choice of using preset user profiles, and the option to adjust the settings according to your preference. To learn more about Net Nanny visit their website:


Covenant Eyes- Internet Accountability and Filtering

The Covenant Eyes Internet Filter screens all websites visited in real-time and rates them based on age-appropriateness. The Filter Guardian uses these ratings to block content based on six age based Filter Sensitivity Levels, and allows the guardian to determine which pages are blocked and which pages are allowed. To learn more about Covenant Eyes visit their website:


Safe eyes aka is Mac and PC compatible software that protects your family from harmful content and other dangers on the Internet. This software protects in children in many ways- it filters websites, videos, and music. Parents can also receive reports about searches, instant messages, and social networks. To learn more about Safe Eyes aka visit their

Above are just a few options for keeping your child safe on the Internet. The web browsers require you to disable Safari as a browser and to install their web browser. However, with this option it is necessary to install their web browser on all of the family devices to provide protection. It is also a great idea to check with your Internet Service Provider to see what they have to offer for filtering your home network. Filtering your home network protects all of the devices in your home connected to the Internet. There are pros and cons to all of the above mentioned filters, one size does not fit all. If you have any questions please contact Tammy, the Instructional Technology Specialist at or 404-873-6985 ext 4727.

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