TCS Parents are our Best Ambassadors

By Nicole Victor, Director of Enrollment Management


Do you remember when you knew TCS was the place for your family? I certainly do! In the winter of 2014, I toured campus as part of my interview for the position of Director of Admission and Outplacement. What I remember most vividly from my visit is the sound of joy that radiated throughout campus. I observed children of different ages having fun with learning and faculty who were masterful at teaching. 

Almost six years later, I continue to marvel at our remarkable community and how the TCS experience has impacted every aspect of my family’s life. Tristan and Shane are in fourth and second grade, respectively and every day presents a new opportunity for them to challenge their assumptions, test new ideas, and deepen their understanding of how they learn best. As a parent, I love knowing that my kids’ academic and social-emotional needs are being taken care of by teachers who truly know and value them.

Admission season is in full-swing with inquiries, personal referrals, tours, and even applications to join us at TCS for the 2020-21 school year already coming from more than 50 different zip codes across Atlanta! As you can imagine, prospective families are eager to see/learn more about our engaged community, project-based learning, and how play leads to academic success. What you might not know is that most prospective families first hear about – and choose – TCS because of a personal recommendation from a current TCS family. Parents like you are the most common way that new families find out about TCS and are the number one reason that new families want to be a part of our community. Our parents are our best ambassadors because you know families like yours – families who are a strong philosophical match. When you recommend our school to other families, you help make our community stronger.

Each family has their own story or reason about why they chose TCS, however, there are common themes.

TCS engages the head and the heart.
Our students engage in their learning joyfully. They thrive in our nurturing environment because their physical, emotional, and developmental needs are being met. Our teachers masterfully create opportunities for children to flex their critical thinking skills, learn that mistakes are necessary, and to creatively play with ideas.  Teachers know each student’s strengths and areas of growth and are able to push students forward with the right balance of challenge and nurture. 

Students and teachers develop close relationships.
As soon as you step on our campus, parents and students feel the contagious care and affection that fuels our community. Interactions between students, families, teachers, and administrators encourage everyone to be their best selves and grow better together. Everyone has something to learn from one another here, even across age ranges and grade levels. When the relationship between student and teacher is strong, students feel safe to take risks and there is a strong bond of trust in the classroom. 

Every individual is an important part of our community.
TCS has always been an intentionally diverse and inclusive community. Diversity and inclusion are integral parts of our curriculum and programming. Brave learning is only possible when members of the community feel safe to show up as their authentic selves. At TCS, our students, parents, faculty, and staff all know: “I am always all me.”

There is so much to love about TCS.  Do you know a prospective family who would be a great match for our vibrant community? We invite you to share your story of “Why TCS?” and encourage them to visit campus. Encourage families to visit our website – – to sign up for a small group tour or a See Us in Action Visit Day to gain a deeper understanding of TCS’s commitment to amplifying childhood.  

I love being a part of our community and am excited about the many special moments my family will experience this year. Thank you for partnering with us and for the big and small ways that you support TCS, strengthen our school, and for sharing your TCS story with prospective families.