2023-24 Arts & Athletics Wrap-up

The Children’s School Middle Grades clubs, performing arts and athletics programs help students try out passions and discover new talents.

This year, artists, athletes and leaders had a number of opportunities to sharpen their skills and develop talents.

Leadership Opportunities and Middle Grades Clubs

Our middle school students (grades 6 – 8) have “voice and choice” when it comes to clubs. Twice during the school year (fall and winter), they propose new clubs and then choose which clubs to register for. 

This year’s clubs included:

  • Anime Club led by Shane (‘26) and Joaquin (‘26) 
  • Baking Club led by Erin (‘24) and Bethany (‘24)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Club led by Isa (‘25)
  • Gamers Club led by AJ (‘25), Cruz (‘25), Aiden (‘25) and Cannon (‘25)
  • Meditation Club
  • Photography Club
  • S.H.I.N.E. (Self-confidence, Health Education, Independence, Networking, Empowerment)
  • Sports Club led by Andrew (‘24) and Neil (‘24)
  • Student Ambassadors who promoted TCS through various admission activities
  • Student Council
  • Urban Farming Club
  • Wolf Pack Readers Club
  • World Geography and Culture Club led by Jagger (‘24)

TCS Athletics

From the TCS Gym to the Active Oval and beyond, TCS athletes had an all-star year! During the Athletics’ Banquet, students received their certificates and athletic pins, and Coach Rob unveiled updated banners reflecting MAAC championship wins in volleyball, cross country and  tennis.

Fall Highlights

  • MAAC Girls Volleyball, Runner-Up MAAC Champions
  • MAAC Ultimate Frisbee, Semifinalists MAAC Championship
  • MAAC Cross Country, Cydney ’25, Bronze Medalist, MAAC Cross Country Championship
  • Intramural Cross Country team, 6 medals over 2 meets
  • Intramural Volleyball and Tennis athletes demonstrated teamwork and grit!

Winter Highlights

  • Intramural Sports (Grades 3-5): Winter intramural sports included ultimate frisbee and Tennis. The ultimate team learned all of the throws and executed them with excellent precision. Coach Jordan helped the athletes with strategy and spacing. The tennis team included 22 student-athletes who learned to hit serves, ground strokes, approach shots and volleys. Some favorite lead-up games were Jail and Up/Back Net Attack!
  • MAAC Boys Basketball (Grades 6-8): The MAAC Boys Basketball team showed up strong in many games with excellent scoring and rebounding. The depth of the team was evident by the number of strong players coming off the bench!
  • MAAC Girls Basketball (Grades 6-8): The Girls Basketball team showed fast break speed and was able to run up the score quickly with fast dribbling and accurate passing.

Spring Highlights

  • MAAC Track & Field: Every athlete earned their PR (personal record) at the MAAC Championships, and the girls team took home the second place trophy for the second consecutive year.
  • MAAC Tennis: The boys team placed second at the MAAC Championship.
  • MAAC Flag Football: The team was undefeated in the regular season and placed second at the MAAC Championship.
  • Intramural Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball: All sports had a wonderful season learning new skills and sharpening others. 

“Through sports, children cultivate vital skills such as leadership, teamwork, collaboration and integrity, which they’ll need in the future, both on and off the field,” said TCS Athletics Director Rob Canavan. “That’s why TCS coaches intentionally integrate our BCC traits into the student-athletes’ daily routines and matches.” 

Performing Arts at TCS: Theater and Chorus

Performing arts help TCS students explore their creativity and craft their self-expression. Our students build confidence and become compelling communicators – skills they’ll use the rest of their lives!

TC Players Present “A Player’s Game” and “Seussical Jr.”

TCS Players partnered again with 7 Stages, a theater company in Little Five Points, on two shows: “A Player’s Game” in December and for this year’s spring production of “Seussical Jr.”

“A Player’s Game” glimpsed into the future of the TCS Players’ lives 20 years from now. Thrust into a reunion of sorts, they came together to finally solve the mystery of a missing student. The show grappled with how to navigate life’s unexpected turns with grace, accountability and acceptance. Most importantly, the production looked at how words and actions today will always have consequences – good or bad – tomorrow!

“I have the privilege to work with many students around Atlanta,” said 7 Stages Education Director Destiny Renee. “It is an honor to work with such gifted students willing to take on the task of creating their own original shows! I’m always so very proud of all that 7 Stages and TCS can accomplish together.”

On March 23 and 24, TCS Players, along with back-up vocals from TCS Voices, performed “Seussical, Jr.” at 7 Stages.

“Seussical Jr.” is a whimsical and colorful musical journey that brings to life the imaginative world of Dr. Seuss. Bursting with beloved characters like Horton the Elephant, the Cat in the Hat, and the sour Kangaroo, this junior version of the classic Broadway show is tailored for young performers and audiences alike. 

Set to toe-tapping music and filled with heartfelt messages about loyalty, friendship, and the power of believing in oneself, “Seussical Jr.” is a delightful theatrical adventure that enchants both children and adults with its joyful spirit and timeless storytelling.

As a child, the world of Dr. Seuss was interwoven into the fabric of my literacy life,” said Director of Culture, Community and EDSL Christy Robinson. “His books provided an escape for me, when I could venture into a land where I did not have to search for people who looked like me because people were blue, green and purple. The names may rhyme and a character could be a migurkle!” 

Jr. Players’ Second Annual “Variety Show to End All Variety Shows” 

Jr. Players presented the second annual “Variety Show to End All Variety Shows” in December. 

The show featured some scenes written by the student-actors, costumes designed by two TCS students, and helped showcase their improv skills, along with teamwork, collaboration, and empathy that they learned throughout the semester.

Our Jr. Players showed up and showed out this year! We had such a blast watching our students grow and understand the way of the theater from day one until the showtime! Shannon, Onyé, and I are very proud of all our Jr. Players and can’t wait to get started next year!”

TCS Voices and Jr. Voices

TCS Voices and Jr. Voices delighted the entire TCS community with multiple performances throughout the school year!  

“This year Jr. Voices and Voices had a blast learning and performing lots of music,” said Voices Director and TCS Music Specialist Kyle Bynum. “We added a winter concert in December where we sang lovely winter-themed music, and wrapped up the year with our spring concert in April where we performed pieces that we explored throughout the year.”

Choristers performed a varied repertoire of choral music and pop hits during their winter and spring concerts including “Walking in the Air” from the “Snowman” and “Carol of the Bells” during their winter concert and “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty and “Blackbird” by the Beatles with a guest cellist during their spring concert.

You also heard Jr. Voices and Voices in “Seussical Jr” in March when they performed as the chorus and during the All School Concert in November when they sang “May a Rainbow Run Beside You.” 

Congratulations to TCS Players and Jr. Players, TCS Voices, Jr. Voices and everyone who helped make this year a success!