New Face Around our Space: Michelle Frost

Michelle with her son, Ethan, and daughter, Lily, at Watkins Glen State Park in NY’s Finger Lakes Region.
Michelle joins Lucius in fifth grade this year!

About Michelle
Although my passions have led me in many different directions, the one constant I’ve found in my life is working with kids.  There’s something about being around a child’s energy, openness, and sense of wonder that helps keep my spirit alive. Without a doubt, my favorite subject to teach is math, and my favorite teaching opportunity is to help reluctant math learners find confidence in their abilities. Other things I enjoy include traveling the world, learning new things, and being a mom.

 What can fifth graders expect to learn from you this year?

Of course, there is rich, exciting content to explore and learn! I also look forward to challenging my students to explore, try new things, be their best, and have fun. Fifth grade is such an amazing year full of potential. I plan to be a part of a classroom that soaks up every minute of learning and growing.
When you’re not at school, where can we find you?
You can find me anywhere in nature!  I love breathing fresh air, looking at all the colors of this world, and listening to the sounds of beaches, deserts, forests, or mountain tops.  So far, I’ve spent many months of my life living out in nature and reconnecting with the earth. We live on such an amazing planet.
Where is your favorite vacation spot?
My favorite place in the world is the South Island of New Zealand. I have been lucky enough to visit twice in my lifetime. A place you can find me often is the Appalachian Mountains.
Which fictional character would you most like to meet?
I would really love to meet Moana. She is a perfect example of a person who trusts her instincts, believes in herself, and has an open heart for all. I think she would have many great stories to share and great advice to bestow. Maybe she could even teach me how to sail?