Ahead of 20th Show, Budding Actress Rae Jordan Talks About The Impact of TCS Players

I graduated from TCS in 2009. Both of my siblings and three of my cousins attended as well. Every time I drive downtown, I get fond memories of Olympic Day in Piedmont Park, Discovery after school, or recess on the upper field! The Children’s School will always have a special place in my heart.

Two things that TCS Players gave me are confidence and courage. Being able to perform in front of your peers, teachers, and family can often incite nervousness or fear, but Christy always made sure that we were showered with encouragement and preparation! This readiness also came through collaboration. I remember working closely with peers to go over lines, learn songs and choreography, get costumes together, and everything that comes with a performance. Joining TCS Players helped me form a sense of community.

I see these aspects of the theatrical world reappear throughout my career as a performer. Putting on a show requires a great deal of trust between an actor and their castmates. The work takes patience, listening, and understanding. The ability to get along with different personality types not only helps to build someone as an actor but also as a compassionate member of society!

My favorite TCS Players show was definitely “Ten on Tenth.” While this year celebrates the 20th anniversary of TCS Players, that year (2009) was the 10th anniversary! Rather than putting on a previously produced play, this show was written by the TCS community, including then counselor Kathy Roberts. It dealt with the struggles that a child may deal with in school, including making friends, facing bullying, and finding courage!

It was such a fun show because we all got to play extreme stereotypes. We all laughed at how ridiculous our characters sounded, and in that, we learned how important it is to realize how we portray ourselves to people, and to be considerate of the feelings of those around us!

I remember the days getting ready for shows, and it was so exciting. Audiences full of parents and friends are equally as excited as you. One of my favorite acting teachers once told me, “you’re doing something that may seem scary to a lot of people, so do it with pride and confidence, perform for yourself, but also know how many hearts you’re touching simply by giving every moment your all!”

To all the TCS Players preparing for the big show, you’re continuing a legacy! Break a leg!!


Rae Jordan

New York University Class of 2018
The Children’s School Class of 2009