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  • annual giving
  • ga private school tax credit
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When The Children’s School was founded in 1970, the school held taco truck sales and sold homemade sachets as part of it’s annual fundraising drive.  We’ve come a long way since those taco sales but giving remains critical to our mission. The school’s operating budget is enhanced by donations from faculty, staff, parents, alumni, friends and foundations. Like most independent schools, TCS depends on the support of its donors to bridge the gap between tuition and the costs of educating each student. Your tax deductible gift to TCS supports the student experience, financial aid, faculty development, technology and more.  In short, the reach of your gift to TCS deeply enriches both the student and faculty experience.

Making a gift to TCS is a personal decision and each family must decide the amount that is right for them.  If you are a current parent, please consider that last year, the average parent gift was $770 and annual gifts range from $25 to $20,000. In the past five years, parent participation in the annual giving campaign was over 90% and reached 97% in the 2013-2014 school year.  Parent giving is the vote of confidence in our community that outside funders often look to as one measure of school success. The Children’s School has a giving society for individuals and corporations that give $2,500 or more each year.  Honoring our founder, Lila McDill, the McDill Society is the cornerstone of philanthropic giving at TCS.  McDill Society members will gather each year to discuss the school and to celebrate its successes. Please consider supporting the Annual Giving Campaign today. Our fiscal year runs from June 1, – May 31. To find out more information, please contact Emily Takieddine, director of institutional advancement, at (404) 835-4611 or by email at

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How to Make a Gift

Donate by Check

Please make checks payable to The Children’s School The Children’s School Attn: Annual Giving Campaign 345 Tenth Street, NE Atlanta, GA 30309

Three Options to Donate by Credit Card

1. Call the Business Office at 404-873-6985 to make your secure gift. 2. Click on the DONATE NOW to make your secure gift online, day or night. 3. American Express customers may receive special benefits by donating here. *Please Note: If you use the Members Give option through American Express, it sometimes takes 6-8 weeks for The Children’s School to be notified of your gift. If you use this option, please call the Business Office or email to let us know that you have made your gift so that we can let your assigned parent volunteer know and go ahead and increase your child’s class participation rate. Thank you!

Stock Gifts & Wire Transfers

In addition to helping TCS achieve its mission, gifts of securities often give the donor significant tax benefits. For example, donations of appreciated stock held for over one year are generally tax-deductible at market value, regardless of the price the donor paid for the shares. In addition, there are capital gains tax advantages through such a gift. Consult your tax advisor for more information. Whenever possible, have your broker transfer your shares of stock electronically instead of having a stock certificate issued. Paper stock certificates can be lost, stolen or damaged; they also take additional time to process. Click here for the stock donation form or contact the Business Office at 404-873-6985.

Matching Gifts

Would you like to double your gift? Check with your human resources department to find out if your company offers a matching gift program. Many companies will match the charitable gifts made by their employees (and sometimes spouses of employees). Please send your company’s matching gift form along with your gift to The Children’s School and alert us of a pending matching gift at Emily Takieddine.

Bequests Planned Giving

For more information on including The Children’s School in your estate plans, please contact Emily Takieddine, director of institutional advancement, at 404-873-6985.

"I found the day to be both informative and affirming. We spend considerable time each school year talking with our class about making healthy choices, and this program really helped validate the kinds of choices that are important to talk about with our class. The program also helped me see how we could take some of the ideas and move beyond our classroom to try and incorporate more outdoor learning into our curriculum."

- Adrianne

"We support financial aid because in this uncertain economic climate, you never know when the tide could turn. We’re proud to help create a bridge for families who may be temporarily struggling financially."

-Parents of current TCS student

Fulfilling Our Dream:
Campaign for The Children’s School

BRIGHT FUTURES START WITH BIG DREAMS. Fulfilling our Dreams: Campaign for The Children’s School puts students at the center of their own learning with masterful teachers and dynamic spaces to guide their journey.

PLEASE INVEST GENEROUSLY IN FULFILLING OUR DREAM so that we may better help our students fulfill theirs. After all, childhood is where world-changing dreams are born.

Campaign Leadership:

Audra Dial and Matt Ford

Jeffrey and Jenny Brower

Maria Aaron
Sara Allegra
Patrick Amar
Kristen Barnett
Steve Cummings
CJ Czerniawski
Audra Esrey
Stacy Freeman
Fran Gary
Johnna Goodmark
Jane Gore
Sonya Halpern
Alexis & Michael Hambrick
Tracye Miller & Jeff Hammerstrom
Maggie Kottke
Alison Lohr
Jake Maurer
Amy McLaughlin
Tahra Nichols
Emily Pfeil
Lori Polazzo
Michele Reiner
Catherine Ruberti
Chad & Chiquita Smith
Arjun Srinivasan & Paige Martin-Srinivasan
Elizabeth Stone

Learn More About Our Dream:

Please Invest Generously

in fulfilling our dream campaign for the Children’s School. Since 1970, we’ve maintained a school culture defined by our generosity toward one another, by the transformational power of trusted relationships, and by taking learning not just seriously but personally. That’s a legacy work preserving and building on. This campaign puts students at the center of their own learning with masterful teachers and dynamic spaces to guide their journey. Please invest generously in fulfilling our dream so that we may better help our students fulfill theirs. After-all, childhood is where world-changing dreams are born. Thank you!

Questions? Please Call Emily at 404-873-6985

This Campaign Represents a Critical First Step

for making the campus master plan a reality, as well as an opportunity for TCS families to show their wholehearted support of our school’s future – not only for their children, but for the many children who will follow.

— Michele Reiner
former chair, TCS Board of Trustees

TCS taugh me to be the architect of my own dreams,

to be confident in myself, and to value the unique perspectives of others. In hindsight, it’s clear to me that TCS’s diverse and inclusive culture was an important factor in my later decision to study international relations at Brown.

— TCS Alumnus