Why TCS Atlanta? The Reasons are Many.


Parents often point to The Children’s School’s philosophy on childhood as a key factor in their decision to become a part of the TCS community. One parent explained, “As we listened to Nishant the first time we heard him speak, we realized that The Children’s School has a philosophy of protecting the unbridled joy of childhood while making sure that students still learn and grow at an individualized, but rigorous pace.”

“There is a wonderful feeling of joy​ around campus. Children and adults are genuinely happy to be at school and that happiness is tangible,” said Nicole Victor, TCS director of admissions and outplacement.

Prospective parents use many of the same words when asked on their school application why they want to be a part of the TCS community: joy, happiness, diversity, acceptance, character, love, innovation, creativity and more.

“We all want to belong, and at TCS, each member of the community knows that they don’t have to leave any piece of themselves outside of the front gates in order to be accepted, and that is a beautiful feeling,” said Nicole.

TCS is the most racially and ethnically diverse independent school in the city with 48 percent of our student body identifying as a person of color. We are also geographically diverse, one of the many benefits of being a school located in Midtown.

“We love TCS because it stresses the importance of individualism. The school doesn’t try to fit my son into a neat little box; but instead it embraces him for who he is,” said Alexis Hambrick, a TCS parent.

From the pervasive feeling of joy around campus, to the authentically diverse community, to a learning environment that allows children to thrive academically, socially and emotionally, the reasons why families choose TCS are many.