Scout’s Unsung Heroes Project

In honor of the observance of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. earlier this month and as we head into another month when we celebrate leadership, community and love, TCS will kick off this exciting season with a community-wide, BCC (Building Character and Community) “Unsung Hero” project. 

What is an Unsung Hero?
Per the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes, an unsung hero is anyone whose actions made a profound and positive impact, but is largely unrecognized. This can be an extended family member, a person in your community, etc. 

TCS’s Unsung Hero Project, Due  Feb. 28
In the spirit of the TCS Wolf Pack, each family will receive a “Scout’s Unsung Hero” template on Thurs., Jan. 30 to be completed at home. There is one template per family, and it will be sent home in the youngest child’s backpack. Our entire community will honor and share our personal unsung heroes on Wed., March 4 at a school-wide assembly.

Project Instructions
Please follow these directions to complete your project:

  1. Select Your Unsung Hero
  • Spend time discussing the following prompts as a family:
    • Identify any important family values/affirmations/mantras
    • Think about extended family, community members, etc. who have made an impact and decide who you want to be your family’s unsung hero and why
    • Think about the characteristics/qualities we all can learn from your unsung hero and why

2. Design Your Unsung Hero Template

  • Write the information on the template in the spaces provided. Families of non-writing children, please write the information in for them. 
  • Decorate your template and give it your own family flare!
  • Write your TCS student’s name, grade and teachers’ names on the back of your project. If you have multiple children, please list all of your children’s names, grades and teachers on the back.

3. Turn in Your Unsung Hero Project

  • Turn in your project to your child’s teacher using the folder provided.
  • The projects are due on Fri., Feb.28.



How will we receive our “Scout’s Unsung Hero” template? 

Each family will receive a “Scout’s Unsung Hero” template on Thurs., Jan. 30 to be completed at home. There is one template per family, and it will be sent home in the backpack of the youngest student in each family.

When is our completed Scout’s Unsung Hero project due? 

We ask that each family complete their “Scout’s Unsung Hero” template by Fri., Feb. 28, 2020.

How do we return our completed template to TCS? 

When you are finished with your template, write your TCS student’s name, grade, and teachers on the back of your “Unsung Hero” project. If you have multiple children, please list all of your children’s names, grades and teachers on the back. Families will return their templates to teachers. 

Which teacher should we return the project to? 

You can return your template to any of your children’s teachers. Just be sure to write the names of all of your children on the back of your template. 

How long will it take to complete this project?
Depending on how creative you are and the age of your children, this could take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. We want you to have fun and use this as an opportunity to spend time together as a family, so it’s truly up to you how much time you want to devote to this project!

What materials should I use?

We encourage you to use whatever materials you want! Think about using crayons, paint, aluminum foil, fabric, markers – the possibilities are limitless!

Can I turn our family’s completed template in to the front office? 

No, we ask that you return your completed projects to any one of your children’s teachers to help us keep track of completed projects.

How should our family choose an unsung hero for our family project? 

As a family, select a person from your immediate or extended family, a member of your community or any other unknown person who demonstrated excellent character and who made a profound impact on your family, on the greater community, or on the world. Talk as a family about why you’re choosing that individual by using the prompts attached. 

Can I choose myself or my TCS student as the Unsung Hero?
The Unsung Hero can not be yourself or your TCS student

How old is an Unsung Hero? 

There is not a minimum or maximum for the Unsung Hero’s age or time period because we acknowledge that our heroes come in all ages and time periods and can be either adults or children. 

Are There Examples of Unsung Heroes Others Have Chosen?
The Lowell Milken Center has a webpage with several examples of unsung heroes. They used different criteria for their unsung heroes, but you’ll get a sense of the type of people we are looking for here

How will the templates be shared with the community? 

The templates will be displayed in Building D (the gym building) so that they can be enjoyed by our entire community. The “Scout’s Unsung Heroes” project and select completed templates will be highlighted during our all-school assembly on Wed., March 4. 

How can I see all of the TCS projects?

Visit Building D anytime between Wed., March 4 and Fri., March 13 to view projects completed by other TCS families. 

Who Should I Contact With Questions?

Contact Christy Robinson (, 404-873-6985) with any questions about our “Scout’s Unsung Heroes” project. 


Building Character and Community Book Club 

After you work together as a family to identify family values and characteristics that impact others in positive ways, we invite you to join us for a book club discussion of the book “Making Grateful Kids” by Jeffrey Froh and Giacomo Bono. Led by Natalie (TCS Counselor) and Erin (Director of US Student Life and High School Counseling), this informal discussion will center around the book and share ideas with parents on how to reinforce character education at home. Save the Date for March 13th from 1-2pm.