Unsung Heroes Inspire the TCS Community

The Children’s School’s Building Character & Community (BCC) program is at the heart of everything we do inside and outside the classroom and serves as a springboard for children to learn and discuss topics such as digital citizenship, anti-bias, advocacy, and more. 

This year, in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ’s birthday, TCS kicked off a community-wide “Unsung Hero” project that celebrates the leadership, community, and love he embodied throughout his life. 

“My hero was Hattie, my great-great-grandma. She’s my hero because she made my family feel safe,” said first-grade student Amanda. 

“Mine was my grandma. She was an animal rescue volunteer. Even though she’s retired, she still does it like a job,” said another first-grade student, Mina. 

Parents had conversations with their children about what’s important to their family as the “Unsung Hero” projects began. The project became a tool for families to explore topics of history, legacy, and values; thinking about extended family and community members who have made an impact in their lives and what characteristics and qualities we can all learn from them. 

“Juliette is my babysitter. She always helps us clean up the house and teaches us to play piano,” said first -grade student Braxton. “She definitely knows how to play the piano!”

“I did the maintenance team at the park across the street from my house because they keep the park clean,” said first-grade student Libby.

“Unsung Heroes” not only helped the TCS community recognize that we can be inspired by AND learn from one another, but also reinforced the understanding that every one of us has the power to make a positive difference no matter how big or small the recognition may be.