Student-Led Club Takes Fantasy To A New Level With Creative Art & Technology

By EPIC Coordinator Sam Rathvon

Innovation usually involves learning the latest and greatest technologies, but on some occasions, it also means reaching back into the past and putting a new twist on an old idea. 

TCS seventh grader Mason began a Dungeons and Dragons student club upon his return to school from summer break this year.

“I got into it over the summer, and I wanted someplace to play. I knew other people at the school would like to play, and I didn’t want to wait until the next session at my comic book store to play again,” said Mason.

Since its start, this once fledgling club has grown from one student with an idea to several students gathering multiple days a week to play.

“It helps me with teamwork and critical thinking, and makes me feel inspired to do things with a group,” said sixth-grader Steven.

One reason why the Dungeons and Dragons Club caught on so quickly is that it creates a safe space for our students to explore the world of their imagination.

After a while, club members pushed for this booming club to explore more than just the world of Dungeons and Dragons, but also other areas. A group of students who have an interest in 3D printing saw an opportunity to bring two activities they enjoyed together. After many hours of research, trial, and lots of error, this band of technological adventurers began to print their own miniature Dungeons & Dragons characters using 3D printers on campus.

“We are exploring an entire [new] world by discovering and learning as we go,” said eighth-grader Suchin.

Students are actively engaged in leadership development, team building, task prioritization, storytelling, creative writing, coding, graphic design, and beyond. In Extended Day’s EPIC program, it is essential that student voices are heard and supported in order for every participant to come as they are, explore, learn, and be EPIC!