The Children’s School’s First Eighth Grade Class Accepted into Top High Schools

In the 2018-19 school year, The Children’s School expanded its Middle Grades program to include an eighth-grade class. We knew our first class of eighth-grade students would not only create an important part of TCS history, but grow into an outstanding set of twelve innovative, purpose-driven leaders who know the value of their voice and are well prepared for high school and beyond.

“The difference between the first day of school and every day since is amazing. We began the year with seventh graders — socially, emotionally, developmentally. We asked them to stretch themselves a little further each day. They willingly responded with open-minded trust. No longer following or running along beside us, our eighth-graders are moving ahead. They are shaping their own course as curious explorers,” said eighth-grade teacher Suzanne.

As their final days of eighth grade come to an end, we are excited to share their acceptance into an exceptional and diverse group of high schools — boarding, public and private. Our graduates were accepted to: Academe of the Oaks, Galloway, The New School, Rabun-Gap Nacoochee School, Vail Christian Academy, Vail Mountain School, and Woodward Academy. Earlier in the fall, two students decided to attend Grady High School. The high school application process requires our students to own their learning journey and demonstrate their readiness to excel in any environment. The students truly demonstrated the intelligence, confidence, compassion, and leadership that makes a TCS graduate thrive.

Our graduates are known within and outside of the Atlanta area as strong, adaptive learners and community-minded global citizens. In fact, a director of admission at an Atlanta K-12 independent school enthusiastically remarked that, “TCS has always sent great students but this group for ninth grade was above and beyond our expectation. We were so excited to see this crop of wonderful students in terms of personality and what we know they will add to our community. It was easy to accept as many TCS graduates as we did.”

“They have leaned into the unknown for three straight years. As they leaned in, we became family and recognized that our collective strengths outweighed our weaknesses. Toward the beginning of the year, this eighth-grade class took on a seriousness to their school work and realized that we could have hard fun. We could work hard, learn, play, and have fun at the same time – learning and fun were no longer mutually exclusive,” said eighth-grade teacher Todd.

We can’t wait to see what these twelve students — the leaders of the pack — will achieve and become in high school and beyond. They have set the tone of excellence for future students to follow in their brave footsteps. As they join a respectable, connected network of TCS alumni, we look forward to welcoming future classes of eighth graders that will have the opportunity to share this incredible experience, apply the same valuable lessons to shape their futures, and use this group of lifelong learners as mentors. Our community wishes our graduates the best in their bright futures!

Congratulations, TCS Class of 2019!