Randy Brookins, Literacy Specialist

Today, we’re introducing you to Randy Brookins, literacy specialist!

Randy has been teaching for 25 years, and TCS has been his home for 8 years. His teaching career has taken him to Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School in Grant Park where he taught language arts resource and physical education, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta where he was senior counselor for children with physical challenges, Heritage High School (Orthopedically Impaired Other Health Impairments), and Morgan County where he taught Physical Education. He’s also coached basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and soccer to athletes from kindergarten through college.

What skills do you hope your students will learn by the time they leave TCS? How are you preparing them to learn these skills?
My hope is that my students leave their time with me with more confidence academically and socially. It is important for them to strengthen their academic skills in all fundamental areas while also becoming better critical thinkers. Fun is a vital part of the whole journey.

What about teaching makes you excited to come to school every day?
Each day provides me with a new opportunity to touch a student’s life in some way.

Tell us about one of the most rewarding moments in your teaching career.
The rewarding moments for me occur in the small moments when I see a student face a challenge and work through it to become more resilient. As a career achievement, I was selected as district teacher of the year and nominated for teacher of the year for the state of Georgia.

If you could meet any fictional or historical figure, who would it be?
Steve Prefontaine

What is something none of your students know about you?
I still fear flying monkeys.