New Outdoor Play Spaces Help Stimulate Students’ Brains Inside & Outside the Classroom

Play, both structured and unstructured, allows children to naturally begin to comprehend and apply concepts of math, science, and engineering; build teams and collaborate; and become more confident and strategic. We embrace play in everything we do because it’s essential to a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, cultural, and physical development. At The Children’s School, students from age 3 – grade 8 receive 90 minutes of outdoor play each day, allowing them to make sense of the world around them, journey beyond their imaginations, make huge discoveries, challenge themselves, and take risks.

Over the summer, our campus was transformed with new playgrounds and play spaces to create even more opportunities for students to stimulate their brains and acquire new interests and skills. As kids explore these outdoor spaces and learn to jump, climb, skip, hop, and move their body in new ways, they build on important skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration that fosters more engaged learning in the classroom. Developing small-gross motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination, and gross-motor skills, such as balance, helps increase kids’ strength, coordination and confidence, ability to draw, scribble and write, and so much more.

Through play, our students are making big leaps!