Michelle Frost, Fifth Grade Teacher

Last year, we started profiling all of our teachers by introducing you to Todd, Katie, Sally, and Kelly, the Middle Grades teaching team, and TCS Art Specialist Kelley.

Next up is Michelle Frost, the first of the four members of the fifth-grade teaching team! We introduced you to Michelle here back in August.

This is Michelle’s 21st year teaching and her first year at TCS. She comes to TCS from The Atlanta Girls’ School and has also taught in the Peace Corps on Epi Island in Vanuatu, The Friends School, and Inman Middle School. She’s taught a wide range of subjects, including social studies, English, reading, science, and health. The one subject that has been a constant, though, is math.  She’s taught at least one math class for every year that she’s been a teacher!

What about teaching makes you excited to come to school every day?
I get very excited when I see my students’ attitudes about math change over time. My students might say: “I never knew math could be this fun,” or “What? It’s the end of class already?” or “Can I do more of this over the weekend?” This excitement is what gets me excited about coming to school each day.

Tell us about one of the most rewarding moments in your teaching career.
I can’t point to a particular favorite. That would be like picking a favorite child…impossible! But, I will say that the most rewarding part of my teaching career has been the relationships I’ve maintained. I absolutely love catching up with past students! When you’ve known them as a teenager and then get to see them again as an adult, you can see such amazing growth. Relationships are certainly the greatest perk of the job.

What is something none of your students know about you?
I once spent two weeks in the wilderness on a NOLS course in Baja California, Mexico. Each day my group and I paddled a route that took us to some of the most beautiful beaches. We camped and cooked under the stars. It was a magical experience.