Lucius Jennett, Fifth Grade Teacher

We’re introducing you to the fifth-grade teaching team! Here’s what you need to know about Lucius.

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Lucius has taught at TCS for 16 years – his entire teaching career! He’s taught second and fifth grades, and fifth grade holds a special place in his heart because they can discuss more things.

What skills do you hope fifth graders will learn by the time they move on to the middle grades?
I hope that a student becomes more well-rounded, improves in soft skills, and becomes a better team player as a result of being in my classroom. I really believe that strengthening your E.Q. (emotional intelligence) is just as important as improving one’s I.Q.

How are you preparing them to learn these skills?
I know that I’m going to get as much back from my students as I give to them. They provide me with positive energy no matter how I’m feeling. Coming to work everyday provides a reservoir of goodness and reasons to care. The kids provide daily inspiration. One thing I always to do is to give the kids all the things I wish I’d gotten. Whether it be an encouraging word or timely advice, I look for moments to share things like that with students (whether requested or not).

What about teaching makes you excited to come to school every day?
I was really excited to be a part of establishing a faculty ensemble at the school. It has provided a wonderful outlet for teachers with so much talent!

What about teaching makes you excited to come to school every day?
There are so many moments that I can point to since I have worked here for so long! I always appreciate when students come back and share where they are in life. It was a special joy when a former second-grade student, Jasmine Wilson, came back and taught at the school. It was humbling to see her return as an exceptional young adult! My teaching felt like it had come full circle!

Which historical character would you most like to meet?
If I could meet any historical figure, hands down, it would be Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I wouldn’t meet him in a church either. Pool Hall or Pub!

What is something that none of your students know about you?
That’s a hard question. I’m pretty transparent with my students. I can’t think of anything remarkable about myself that hasn’t been shared with them.