Play With The Pack: Supporting Brave Learning at TCS

On Fri., Aug. 9, four days before the start of school, our faculty and staff reached 100 percent participation in the Annual Giving Campaign (AGC). 

“Helping to provide a TCS education to a student is one of the best ways that I can think of to spend my money,” said Katie Jefferies, Library and Early Learning Specialist. “The AGC helps provide the quality of education students can only get at The Children’s School.”

Our community’s commitment to making brave learning accessible for as many children and families as possible has enabled 1 in every 4 families at TCS to receive tuition assistance; over 100 student-athletes and performers to develop leadership, team-building, and collaboration skills in 4 competitive sports and 3 performing arts electives every year; each TCS student to explore every region of Georgia by grade 8; 100 percent of our faculty and staff to attend over 50 workshops, conferences and webinars, and all students to receive weekly time dedicated to STEAM education (including robotics, coding, 3-D programming, design, digital literacy, and more). All of this is made possible through generous gifts to the AGC. 

Our investment in our community is an investment in our children. 💙 Will you play with the Pack?

If you would like to support brave learning and the AGC, you can complete the donor reply card included with your AGC letter or give online here. We have extra cards in the Front Office if you need a new one!