Celebrate Earth Day with Earth-Friendly Activities

One of our Building Character and Community (BCC) commitments at The Children’s School is a promise to care and respect the earth which is why we celebrate Earth Day are year long!

To help everyone learn how they can care, respect and enjoy our home planet, TCS teachers have collected and created interactive activities and projects for kids of ALL ages.

Scroll down for sustainable, at-home STEAM projects, easy, earth-friendly art projects, tips for enjoying the outdoors, and more!

Backyard Campout Guide by Julia

Sixth-grade teacher Julia pulled together backyard camping tips from her 25 years of experience leading overnight camping trips for our school! Download the guide here.

Tornado In A Bottle by Lori

Learn how to make a tornado in a bottle using plastic bottles from your recycling bin with seventh-grade teacher Lori.

Neighborhood Hiking Tips From Lucius

Grab your best hiking shoes and set out on a neighborhood adventure with these tips from fifth-grade teacher Lucius:

  • Choose the right equipment. The good news: very little equipment is required for a neighborhood hike. All you’ll need is a comfortable pair of shoes! If it’s sunny outside, you may want to wear a hat or sunglasses. If you have a dog, consider bringing them along for the walk.
  • Map out your walk. Decide how far you’d like to go and make a plan before you set out on your walk. If you’re walking without a parent, make sure you let them know where you are going.
  • Face traffic. If there is no sidewalk where you’re walking, walk on the side of the road where you’ll be facing oncoming traffic. That means that if cars drive on the right side of the road, you should walk on the left. That way you’ll be able to see cars headed toward you, and give you a chance to dive or dodge out of the way if necessary.
  • Don’t overdo it. Make sure to start off small and add to your hike each day. If it’s hot outside, make sure to bring water and wear sunscreen.
  • Pay attention. You should look out for cars, bikes and joggers, but also watch for natural wonders like an unusual flower you’ve never seen before, a deer family or an awesome sunset!

Earth Day Reading List by Callie

Pick a grade-level book to curl up with from TCS librarian Callie’s Earth Day reading list and learn more about our planet, environment, weather, animals, energy conservation, and more. Download the list here.

Earth Day Playlist by PJ

While completing your Earth Day activities, groove along to a fun Earth Day-theme playlist curated by TCS Receptionist and Social Media Assistant PJ!