Parenting Bravely: Equipping Parents to Raise Caring Children

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve updated our Parent Book Club with the launch of  Parenting Bravely: Equipping Parents to Raise Caring Children, a monthly discussion group that centers around topics relevant to parents of elementary-age students. We’ll read or watch mediums other than books like news articles or Ted Talks to help start a conversation around tough parenting topics.

Here’s some more information about the group:

What is Parenting Bravely?
“Parenting Bravely” is an outgrowth of a parent book club that has been run by TCS’s school counselor for several years. We’re turning the book club into a monthly discussion group for TCS parents.

In past years, monthly discussions centered around a book selected by the school counselor and geared toward parents of elementary-age students. Over the years, it has become a valued time when parents look forward to socializing with other TCS parents, learning parenting tips, sharing ideas and strategies for handling the challenges of parenting, and staying informed about what kids are learning at school around character and community.

Parents who have attended the discussions have come to look forward to this monthly time of community and even nicknamed the book club a “support group for TCS parents.” This year, with the launch of Perfectly Imperfect: A Book Club for Modern Parents, an opportunity presented itself for two distinct groups: one that primarily centers around discussion about a chosen book and is open to both the internal and external communities (Perfectly Imperfect), and another that primarily centers around providing TCS parents with an opportunity to meet, support, network with, and learn from other parents in the school community (Parenting Bravely). Parenting Bravely meetings will still be topical in nature, but may feature short articles, Ted Talks, children’s books, or current events.

What can Parents Expect from Parenting Bravely?
The purpose of “Parenting Bravely” is to equip TCS parents with information to raise children who care for and respect themselves and others. It is facilitated by me, TCS school counselor Natalie, and features topics centered around the Building Character and Community (BCC) program.

Monthly discussions will include conversations our students are having about care and respect. These discussions give parents an opportunity to come together and learn more about conversations their children are having at school about topics like respect, responsibility, self-control, and cooperation. “Parenting Bravely” also offers TCS parents a support group that facilitates open, honest conversations about the challenges of parenting in our modern society.

How does Parenting Bravely tie in with the book clubs/other TCS learning opportunities?
“Parenting Bravely” will intentionally pull from Building Character and Community lessons and conversations held with students during the day program and during the Extended Day Program. It focuses on what students are learning about anti-bias, care, respect, character, and community building. “Parenting Bravely” is also a great complement to TCS’s book club Perfectly Imperfect: A Book Club for Modern Parents as it extends the opportunities for parents to engage in conversations about topics relevant to children in elementary and middle school and their parents.

When are Parenting Bravely meetings held?
“Parenting Bravely” will meet monthly in the Teacher Center from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. The first meeting kicks off Fri., Nov. 10 with a conversation about teaching kids the importance of respect for self and others.

Remaining dates for the year are below. Please look out for updates, announcements, and reminders in Happenings in the weeks leading up to each meeting.

  • Friday, December 8 1-2pm
  • Friday, January 12 1-2pm
  • Friday, February 9 1-2pm
  • Friday, March 16 1-2pm
  • Friday, April 20 1-2pm

I hope to see you all there!