Extended Day First Graders Pay It Forward Through Nicholas House

The Children’s School’s Extended Day first-grade students recently accomplished their goal to make a positive change in their community and demonstrated responsibility during a field trip to Nicholas House.

After many conversations about ways to care for themselves, the people around them, and their environment last year, the explorers began a new project-based learning (PBL) unit with a quest to gain a new creative skill: quilting! The students, including second graders who completed the PBL last tear, decided that they wanted to work with a shelter home, or a similar mission-based organization, in order to provide their handmade quilts to other children in need.

Quilting allowed students to not only learn new techniques such as natural cloth-dyeing, fabric decorating, sandwiching, basting, threading, and hand stitching, but also practice social-emotional skills such as working as a team, problem-solving, and active listening. One core trait in our Building Character and Community (BCC) program is responsibility, and their good deed sets a prime example of how we use BCC-in-action!