Teaching & Learning During COVID-19

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We know families have a variety of school needs during the pandemic, including health and safety, strong academics, social connections and emotional wellbeing, affordability, childcare, and more. We also recognize families have varying comfort levels attending school on campus during the pandemic and that comfort levels can change as the pandemic unfolds. TCS is proud to offer robust on-campus and remote learning options and the flexibility to shift between them as the pandemic unfolds and/or based on families’ comfort level. 

Our values, challenging academics, commitment to maintaining a nurturing environment, and strong community relationships remain core to our teaching and learning approach during COVID-19.

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On-Campus Learning

“On the first day on campus, each of my kids had butterflies in their bellies, but they were equipped with masks, lunches, endless instructions, and excitement! They couldn’t be happier!” — TCS Parent

We plan to keep our campus open throughout the 2020-21 school year with national, state and local physical distancing and health and safety protocols in place as long as it is safe to do so.

Highlights of our on-campus learning approach:

  • On-campus, every day (Monday – Friday)
  • Customized schedules, curriculum, activities, and ample use of  indoor and outdoor areas of campus so that students can maintain physical distancing guidelines and experience the unique benefits of our small class sizes and our philosophy of structured play and project-based learning.
  • Students work in small, stable groups with physical distancing protocols in place.
  • Click here for more information about our health and safety protocols, including mask policy, temperature checks, health screening forms, upgraded facilities and more.

Remote Learning

“Daily, my kids have moments to look forward to and new things to explore in their virtual learning journey. Their teachers are providing the same care for my kids’ hearts and challenges for their minds as they would normally experience on campus.” – TCS Parent

There may be times during the pandemic when we must, based on health and safety guidelines, transition between on-campus learning and remote learning. TCS will support any necessary transitions effectively and ensure learning continuity, social-emotional care, and community for all students. We also recognize families may have different comfort levels and offer those families the option to choose remote learning.

Highlights of our remote learning approach:

  • Balance synchronous (live) and asynchronous (accessible at any time) learning to serve the needs of remote students and include opportunities for instruction, reflection, application, and demonstration of understanding and growth. 
  • Support students and families with robust schedules that balance screen time with opportunities for play and project-based learning. 
  • Ensure students are developing and maintaining academic and social skills and healthy school and study habits through morning meetings, closing meetings, and small groups that support students’ academic learning and social emotional well-being. 
  • Foster close connections and relationships between students, teachers, and classmates with regular office hours for students and parents to ask questions.

Hear more from our parents about their remote learning experience at the end of the 2019 – 20 school year:

The Best of Both: TCS On-Campus and Remote Learning Experiences

As a small independent school, TCS operates differently than a traditional, large, or public school. Here are three key differentiators that allow us to offer strong on-campus and remote learning options simultaneously while implementing the CDC guidelines for K-12 schools and the Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL)’s guidelines for Early Learning effectively:

  1. Our robust staffing uniquely positions us to deliver strong teaching and learning on campus and remotely, as needed. Since the onset of the pandemic, we have reduced our class sizes to even smaller pod cohorts or groups of students and have the staffing for each group. 
  2. After careful analysis of the spaces and flow of our campus, we identified additional spaces, such as specialists’ classrooms, to convert into regular classrooms during the pandemic. We also utilize our outdoor spaces, including nearby Piedmont Park. To create smaller groups of students, schools need ample staff and indoor and outdoor spaces; we have both.
  3. We have the technology resources to offer both on campus and remote learning options simultaneously, allowing remote learning for students as needed and families the flexibility to choose the learning scenario that will work best for their family during this time.

Hear From Our Parents:

“For me, WHY I chose TCS has been reaffirmed in the last few weeks. The Children’s School has provided multiple student-centered frameworks that adapt to the needs of our family and open channels for connecting. It is not lost on me that many schools around Atlanta do not have these resources. Thank you, TCS, for always doing the most for the children.” TCS Parent

“We have all three kids back on campus. Thank you TCS for making this possible. I know you all have been working extremely hard to think, analyze, ponder, and enable families to decide what will work best for them.” – TCS Parent