The Children’s School Strategic Planning Process Envisions the School’s Future

By Roslyn Benjamin
Head of School

Since 1970, The Children’s School has provided a child-centered educational experience that focuses on play, childhood and diversity. At the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, TCS initiated a strategic planning process to chart a course for its continued growth and success.

“We are at an exciting time in our innovative and progressive school’s history with our first group of eighth grade graduates graduating from high school this year,” said Head of School Roslyn Benjamin. “As an independent school, we have the freedom and mandate to chart the course forward in education.” 

As a part of the strategic planning process, Strategic Planning Committee Chair Kristen Barnett (TCS parent to Kennedy ‘24) formed a planning committee made up of board members, faculty/staff, administrators, and current parents that was tasked with developing a plan throughout the 2022-23 school year to guide the school’s decisions and actions for the next 3-5 years. 

The planning committee worked closely with Crystal Land, a former head of school and current consultant with Leadership + Design, a small firm with expertise in independent schools and strategic planning, to help design and facilitate the process. Crystal and the strategic planning committee met regularly throughout the school year to gather data, assess future needs and draft goals and action steps. 

“The mission of The Children’s School is to enrich minds and inspire dreams,” said Roz. “This is why we exist, and as we chart new paths forward and create new opportunities, this mission remains our true north. We are thrilled to do this work from a position of strength, hope and excitement.”

The process kicked off in October 2022 with a small group of forward-thinking community members who participated in a future-oriented “Think Tank” to envision the TCS graduate of the future. 

On March 16, committee members previewed the overall direction of the strategic plan for a larger group of faculty, staff, parents and alumni parents. The group had a chance to give their feedback on some of the action steps before the committee completed their recommendations. 

The Children’s School is known for its innovative and child-centered approach to education, and the strategic planning process aims to strengthen that legacy by amplifying what makes the school strong, challenging our students in way that allows them to thrive, and nurturing our community so that everyone feels comfortable showing up as their authentic self. We will continue to focus on our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, outdoor education, and our building character and community traits which distinguish us from other schools.

“Our strategic plan will set a direction for the foreseeable future and broadly envision how we will live our mission and deliver a relevant, meaningful and engaging student experience in new contexts, markets and a changing educational landscape,” said Roz. “More specifically — and tactically — the plan will guide and focus the work for all constituencies as we move toward that larger vision. “

The school expects to complete the strategic planning process over the summer and will communicate a comprehensive plan to the community in early fall that aligns with the school’s mission and values. 

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