Middle Grades at The Children’s School

The Children’s School’s Middle Grades program (grades 6 – 8) honors both the emerging adult, and the child that remains, building on the joy, wonder and curiosity of this age – while also developing the skills and knowledge needed for teens to build a lifelong foundation as innovators and global contributors.

At this age, students grapple with big ideas, forge community connections, and explore the question of who they are in this world. Our curriculum is grounded in well-respected national standards that articulate expectations for content mastery, critical thinking, and applied learning.

Through immersive project-based learning, students develop deep understandings in social studies, science, math and writing, and apply that knowledge to hands-on, community-based problem solving, which allows them to:

  • Develop strong academic skills from faculty who are experts in their subjects
  • Understand how academics answer important questions about their world
  • Establish the advocacy and communication skills to add their unique voice, perspective and contributions to the local and national dialogue about issues like social justice, equity and sustainability.

Because of this, TCS graduates excel in a diversity of schools – private and public, single-sex and co-ed, big and small. They’re known in the Atlanta high school community as innovative, collaborative problem solvers who know the value of their voices and possess the skills needed to shape the world for good.

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