Leaders of the Pack: Looking Forward to 8th Grade

Many exciting things are happening for TCS’s first class of eighth graders next year, including a social entrepreneurship capstone, special eighth grade privileges, and more! The expansion marks a special moment in The Children’s School’s history, especially for our Middle Grades students who started their learning journey at TCS as a three- or four-year-old. These students are growing into a group of incredibly talented, compassionate leaders who embody the spirit of childhood, play, and immersive learning on our campus.

This year, our Middle Grades participated in a number of impactful project-based learning units including “What Nourishes Me” (focusing on food and water access);  “Peace in Conflict” (focusing on social, environmental, and economic crises around the world); and “Investigating Sustainability” (focusing on research and investigative reporting).

As we come to the end of the 2017-18 school year, we asked all our current seventh graders to reflect on the successful year and what they’re looking forward to as an eighth grader.

What was the most impactful PBL unit of the year and why?

Nick: “I think that the World Peace Game PBL was the coolest because it allows you to try and solve world issues while also running your own country.”

Zoey: “Investigating Sustainability! This PBL has taught me how to write a well-written essay on a hard topic. I learn so many new things about solar power.”

Walker: “The World Peace Game was very impactful. It changed the way I thought about the world, its problems, and the way people deal with them.”

Sydney: “What Nourishes Me was the most impactful because I was not here during it but still learned how things happened through my classmates.”

Alex: “I liked the World Peace Game and Refugee Project because they were interactive and fun.”

What lessons will you take with you into eighth grade?

Lily: “Don’t give up! (unless you are trying to tame a snake and in that case, by all means, give up)”

Max: “I will take all the lessons I learned from our PBL units (What Nourishes Me, Investigating Sustainability, World Peace Game, and M.I.T.) because they are important. “

Payton: “Be kind to everyone.”

Gio: “I will do things teachers ask of me, and I won’t lose the opportunities that I’m given.”

What’s your #1 goal as an eighth grader?

Eli: My first goal is to make sure everyone in the school in comfortable.

Jeffrey: My #1 goal as an eighth grader is to learn more math.

Anders: To bake more amazing chocolate chip cookies.

Justin: “My #1 goal as an eighth grader is to improve myself and continue to be a leader.”