Grade-Level Reading Lists Focusing on Diversity

Children read for just as many different reasons as adults do – to laugh, learn, get goosebumps, find comfort, puzzle over a mystery or visit other worlds. It’s important to support literacy learning all-year long so that children understand the power of reading and writing beyond the classroom. This provides a great opportunity for families, caregivers, and educators to choose books for children to read on their grade-level reading list at home!

TCS librarian Callie reminds our students at the end of each school year that: “reading is the most enjoyable way to keep their brains in shape.” Younger students, especially, need to practice newly-developed reading skills so they can pick up where they left off.

Studies show that “children and teens who don’t read and write outside of school, especially during long breaks such as summer vacation, face a big loss in their literacy growth compared to those who do continue learning all year long.” If kids have access to a wide variety of reading material that consists of books at the “just right” level, they will feel successful and motivated to pick up the next book.

“My goal is to have a list that offers something for everyone, keeping in mind Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop’s concept of books serving as both ‘windows and mirrors,’ allowing us a peek into the lives of characters who are different from us as well as reflecting our own lives and experiences. I hope each kid can find books that feel familiar and comforting, and books that stretch their view of the world,” Callie said when considering which books to put on each grade-level reading list.

Research also shows that children read more when they are allowed to choose what they read, so we encourage you to give your child as much independence as possible when selecting books. Additionally, here are some reading tips:

  1. Each child should read, or hear read aloud, at least five books.
  2. Read to your pre-reader or beginning reader for at least twenty minutes every day.
  3. Have fun!

Pre-K Reading List

Download Preschool Reading List

Rising Kindergarten Reading List

Download Kindergarten Reading List

Rising 1st Grade Reading List

Download 1st Grade Reading Level List

Rising 2nd Grade Reading List

Download 2nd Grade Reading Level List

Rising 3rd and 4th Grade Reading List

Download 3rd and 4th Grade Reading Level List

Rising 4th and 5th Grade Reading List

Download 4th and 5th Grade Reading Level List

Rising 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Reading List

Download 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Reading Level List

Please keep in mind that this list is provided as a starting point and a helpful resource. Happy reading!