Class of 2020 Will Attend a Diverse Range of High Schools Next Year

As their eighth-grade year comes to an end, we are proud to share the Class of 2020’s acceptance into a group of diverse, rigorous, and innovative high schools. Our soon-to-be graduates were accepted to: Atlanta International School, Ben Franklin Academy, Galloway School, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, Pace Academy, Paideia School, The New School, and Woodward Academy. Earlier in the school year, five students committed to attending public high schools in their neighborhood: Lakeside and Grady. One student is going abroad when their family moves to New Zealand this summer! 

“The students in this class are very unique. They are some of the most creative, fun, and loving students that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. It is apparent that they love learning and are passionate about doing well,” said eighth-grade teacher Michelle. 

At The Children’s School, our eighth-grade students are “the leaders of our Pack” because they model confidence, compassion, and demonstrate leadership skills for our younger students. These are the very qualities that help our graduates thrive in a variety of academic environments, make them competitive applicants to a diverse range of high schools, and will ultimately help them succeed in high school and beyond. 

Our high school counseling process is an essential part of our Middle Grades program. High school applications require our students to own their learning journey and demonstrate their readiness to excel in any environment. We partner with students and their families starting in the spring of the student’s seventh-grade year to discover, research, and select their unique, best-fit high school. 

Throughout the process, our families receive the collaborative support from Head of School Nishant, Assistant Head for Academics & Upper School Director Allen, Director of Enrollment Management Nicole, Upper School Director of Student Life Erin, Middle Grades teachers, our student support team, and more. We have strong ties with all of our receiving schools, and each school values the fact that TCS has prepared our students to meet the demands of their next educational environments. Our graduates are sought after and known within and outside of the Atlanta area as strong, adaptive learners and community-minded global citizens.

“Our eighth graders are curious, creative, and fun-loving. This was evident as they took over the Spirit Shop this year. The students worked hard, problem-identified, and problem-solved. In the end, they created a strong business foundation for the Spirit Shop and next year’s eighth graders,” said eighth-grade teacher Todd. 

Our head of school, Nishant, had this to say about the Class of 2020: “I’m thrilled to see this class graduate. They are a versatile bunch of young leaders who have, through compassion and generosity, offered their creative ideas and strong work ethic to various school programs. Their focus, embodied by our social entrepreneurship initiative, has consistently been on improving and benefiting others while growing themselves. I could not be more proud of our Pack Leaders this spring!”

The Class of 2020 joins a well-respected, connected network of TCS alumni. As with past graduating classes, these 17 life-long learners have forged a path for future graduates to share their experiences, apply the same valuable lessons to shape their futures, and become mentors to future classes . Our community is confident our graduates’ futures are bright and we look forward to following them as they continue to apply the lessons learned at TCS in high school and beyond!

Congratulations, TCS Class of 2020! We are so proud of you.

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