A Year of Brave Learning: 2020 – 21 School Year

I would describe the 2020 – 21 school year – my first at The Children’s School – as an adventure. I saw our faculty and staff reimagine school and create new learning environments – both on-campus and online – that were safe, conducive to learning, and allowed our students to thrive. 

Despite this unusual school year with new health and safety guidelines in place, our students found joy in the “hard fun” TCS is known for. They wrote persuasive paragraphs on why they should have more outside play time; calculated mass and velocity to determine the kinetic energy needed to power their soda can cars; learned about Atlanta’s history and the inequities of how and why neighborhoods were designed; and practiced flexible thinking and coping skills when faced with unexpected changes or disappointment. All of this happened with the guidance and support of our amazing faculty and staff who remained committed to our students’ academic and social-emotional growth throughout this unprecedented school year.

It’s tough to sum up such an unusual, yet inspiring, year in several paragraphs. Since I’m a numbers person (my son and I love KenKen puzzles and Sudoku), I wanted to share my reflections on this year in numbers.