TCS Atlanta Talks About Responsibility

TCS Counselor Natalie with her oldest daughter, Lauryn.

For the past two months, we have been talking as a community about respect for ourselves and for others. In November and December, we are adding to that conversation by introducing the big idea of responsibility for self, others and our environment.

Ages 3-5
Students are learning about ways to be a good listener and the importance of following directions. Young children need lots of opportunities to practice self control, and for the next couple of months, we will practice together and learn what it means to listen with our whole bodies. We will also talk about ways to be “big helpers” and fill others’ buckets with acts of kindness.

Kindergarten and First Grades
We are talking about our responsibilities as learners and practicing the skills that help us listen and follow directions. We are learning about helping and our responsibility to take care of ourselves, others, our belongings and the environment.

Second – Fifth Grades
Now that these students know how to recognize and express feelings, they will be reminded of our responsibility to stay in control of our feelings. We’re also talking about our responsibility to treat others the way we would want to be treated by having empathy, showing compassion and filling others’ “buckets.”

Sixth Grade
The sixth graders are discussing ways they take on greater responsibility for nourishing their own bodies and minds and making healthy choices. Students are also expanding on their awareness of the importance of empathy and compassion for others by discussing civic responsibility for others and the environment.

School Community
We are discussing hunger, homelessness, food waste and our responsibility to care for others in need. On Dec. 3, we will all have an opportunity to answer the call to action by participating in a service learning project to learn about and help people experiencing hunger and homelessness. This service learning day is designed by a committee of parents to offer kids an opportunity to encounter the issue of homelessness; do their part in helping others; and be inspired to continue to get involved and take responsibility for caring for others.

I love being a part of conversations where students learn that caring for and respecting others is more than simply a nice thing to do. Our students are realizing that our school and our community are counting on us to care for and respect others, and they are answering the call. Won’t you join us?

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