Sixth Grade Teachers Help Refugee Community

Kelly straightening the racks
Kelly sorts clothes during the clothing sale

When our sixth graders return to school on Aug. 16, they’ll start working with refugee communities and organizations in Clarkston, GA (referred to as the most diverse town in America) through a unit called “A Place of Refuge” to learn about issues surrounding refugee populations; learn about the causes, effects and solutions for refugee movement; and to understand how Clarkston became such a vital hub of support for families who are faced with fleeing their country of origin.

Todd sorting clothes
Todd organizes clothing for the sale

This past weekend, some of our sixth grade teachers – Katie, Kelly and Toddstarted to build strong relationships with the refugee community by volunteering at ShopRefuge, an event organized by Refuge Coffee Co, a Clarkston non-profit business that serves the global community through coffee-related job creation, job training, social networking and commerce. The clothing sale provided affordable clothing (in some cases, free) and raised needed funding for refugees flooding into Iraq and Clarkston, GA.  

Stay tuned for more information about sixth grade’s immersive unit,  “A Place of Refuge,” as school begins!