Portrait of a TCS Graduate

Nicole Victor, Director of Admissions and Outplacement

Recently, my husband said to me, “I haven’t said this to you yet, but I wanted you to know how happy I am that Tristan and Shane are at The Children’s School.” Smiling, I asked him what exactly made him happy about TCS. Without hesitation, he responded, “I see how much they are thriving. More importantly, I know that their teachers care.” Like all parents, Jean and I have high hopes for our children. We want Shane and Tristan to be in an environment where their natural curiosity is nurtured and we want them challenged in meaningful ways. While they are only at the start of their educational journeys (pre-primary and kindergarten), we cannot help but look ahead to their future.

Each admissions season, I meet prospective families, all asking the same two questions: where do TCS graduates go and how do they do? The beauty of my role is that I get to see first-hand just how successful our students are — not only in their 6th grade year at TCS — but beyond. Our alumni attend a broad variety of middle schools in Atlanta that span the pedagogical spectrum. Receiving schools have all shared that our alumni are not only academically prepared, but they deftly maneuver their social landscape and are collaborative. Our graduates know how to ask the right questions and they are great at engaging adults and peers.

On Wednesday, October 21, TCS welcomed seven alumni (and their parents) back to campus for our alumni panel. The panelists ranged in ages and experiences from recent members of the Class of 2015 to a college freshman who was part of the Class of 2009. Poised and confident, each alum shared her/his experiences and reflections: At TCS, they learned how to be self-motivated, independent, compassionate, and confident, yet humble. In the words of Michael Sullivan, parent of Shaylyn ‘12, “Enjoy the journey because it is wondrous. Understand that your children are incredible people. When they leave TCS, they are so well prepared. It is not just us parents who are saying it. Their schools are all confirming it.”

So, what did we learn about our graduates and the journey beyond TCS  from the panel discussion two Wednesdays ago?

Our students are hands-on, minds-on and all heart. Our teachers excel at creating learning experiences that engage our children mentally, physically, and emotionally. Throughout their TCS journey, students experience meaningful, hands-on curricula that encourages children to be collaborative in their approach and to continuously ask questions as they learn to solve problems. TCS students love learning (and never stop). The result is a strong academic performance long after they leave The Children’s School.

They are comfortable in their own skin. The Children’s School believes in everyone’s right to show up as their authentic self. Our students are immersed in an environment where we celebrate our differences while honoring our common humanity. The school’s culture promotes self-motivation, independent thinking, and creativity.

They have strong character. From an early age, TCS students understand the concept of social justice and service to others. Our graduates are responsible, compassionate young adults who are taught peaceful conflict resolution. They set an example for their peers and approach life with open minds and hearts.

For all who attended, the alumni panel was a wonderful representation that there is not one type of TCS student and not one type of middle school that fits our students. However, they all exhibited common traits that everyone could confidently say, “Yes, they are a TCS graduate!” Click here to view what our alumni and parents of alumni shared about their experiences.

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