New Adventures and New Beginnings: Honoring TCS Atlanta Sixth Graders

As the weeks fly by and summer quickly approaches, TCS sixth graders are looking forward to new adventures and, for some, new beginnings. Some of our sixth graders will go on to other schools while others will continue their educational journeys as the first-ever class of TCS seventh and then eighth graders. Our community of parents, students and teachers become like family, and we love and honor all of our sixth grade families, no matter which path they’re on.

Julie Kim, mother of sixth grade student Max, shared some special TCS memories recently, as she expressed her happiness that Max would be continuing on to seventh grade at TCS.

“One of our most rewarding memories is when Max proclaimed, ‘I love going to school.’ When asked why, his response was ‘because the teachers make learning so much fun,’” Julie shared.

Those who stay at TCS will form the first-ever Middle Years program with the addition of seventh grade next year and eighth grade the following year. Next year’s class will be a multi-age class with both sixth and seventh graders who will continue to dive into TCS’s nationally recognized immersive project-based learning (PBL) with units on “Technology, Equity and Access” and “Peace in Conflict.”

“Max is a do-er and learns best when fully immersed in whatever the problem may be,” said Julie. “Starting with Lucius and Tom, and now with Katie, Todd, Kelly, and Sally, you all have awakened this curiosity and love of learning in Max. We are so grateful that you all have laid that spark with him. We are excited for the next two years. It’s going to be awesome!”

Sixth graders Janine and Genae, daughters of Denise Paultre and Jeff Horst, will continue their educational journey on a different path, leaving TCS for new adventures next year.

When looking back on their nine years at TCS, Denise said, “I find that many of my most precious memories about TCS involve the teachers. They are the heart and soul of the school and each year I count each and every one of them among my many blessings! Every day they rise up to meet each child where they are, teach them thoughtfully, challenge them to do their best and love them. I have learned far more from the TCS teachers and community than I could ever describe.”  

Whether looking back and remembering many special times with all of our TCS families past and present or looking ahead, to the coming year full of many new beginnings, we honor and say thank you to all of you, as each and every member of our school community has contributed to making TCS such a unique and special place for our children to learn and grow.

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