Fulfilling Our Dream: Campaign for The Children’s School

Campaign Co-chairs Audra Dial and Matt Ford with their son Duncan

To celebrate the launch of Fulfilling Our Dream: Campaign for The Children’s School, TCS parents Paige and Arjun Srinivasan, Sonya and Daniel Halpern, and Kristen and Keith Barnett hosted kick-off events in their homes in September. We had current parents, grandparents, board members, faculty and staff members who attended these events to learn more about our exciting campaign.  Everyone who attended came away with the sense that the changes funded by this campaign will be transformational for the school today and for future generations of TCS students.

The Fulfilling our Dream campaign builds upon the dreams of our founder, Lila McDill, and leverages the investments of those who came before us. The $4.4 million project, funded through this $3.5 million campaign, is the first of a multi-phase master plan to realign our learning spaces with our innovative and collaborative curriculum.

This effort supports:

  • Constructing a new 8,000 square foot classroom building on the northwest corner of campus on land that was purchased during our last capital campaign (11 years ago);
  • Renovating 3,000 square feet of the existing classroom building that houses kindergarten and third grade;
  • Building a new campus facilities structure and moving it from its existing location to free up valuable space in the center of campus; and
  • Creating three new outdoor play and learning spaces for all school children to use and enjoy.

The new learning spaces will offer more flexibility and adaptability, improving the way our campus members communicate, collaborate and learn. Although we don’t yet know which grades or specific classes will be housed in the new classroom building, we know it will provide the critical extra space we need to accommodate the launch of our seventh and eighth grades. If you’re interested in where we’re building, we are offering tours of the future building site. Click here for dates, times and details.

Since October 2015, The Children’s School has been working quietly, yet diligently, to secure contributions toward this campaign. After reaching 100% participation from our board of trustees, we shifted our focus to securing support from others in the school community who wanted to commit early and who believe in our approach to teaching and learning.

NOW, it is your tie as a parent to make a commitment to this campaign. Please join me and Matt and many of your fellow TCS parents who have already committed by supporting this effort to thank the school for all it has given to our children and to our families. Please help us show the faculty and staff that we stand with them and want them to teach in spaces that are as flexible, collaborative and dynamic as the lessons they teach. We would love to have the chance to tell you more about our passion for this campaign, so please consider joining us or one of our amazing campaign parent volunteers to sit down and talk about what it means to stretch to support and institution we all love, and please make your gift today.  

When you are ready to commit, please call Emily at 404-873-6985. If you would like to talk more to us about this campaign, please email us at adial@kilpatricktownsend.com or matthewford28@hotmail.com. Or give us a call or text at (404) 217-0993 (Audra’s mobile) or (404) 210-9968 (Matt’s mobile). We would love to tell you more about why we think this campaign is so critical for the school and why now is the time to give.

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