5 Tips to Survive & Thrive in Middle School

Do you remember your favorite middle school memory? Most people struggle to think of just one. 

Help your child create positive, memorable experiences and not just survive, but thrive in middle school with this comprehensive survival guide!

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Middle school can be a socially and emotionally turbulent time for kids, which can have a big impact on their academic performance and overall happiness. As a parent, you want to help your child to thrive in middle school rather than “just get through it.”  

This survival guide provides researched-based tips, expert advice, and resources to help your child not only survive, but thrive in middle school.  

Take advantage of opportunities for your middle schooler to succeed while supporting the physical, social and emotional changes that happen during these adolescent years.  

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Parents and mentors can honor the remaining child and build on the joy, wonder and curiosity of the middle-school age student by engaging them, beginning to build their leadership skills, and allowing middle school students to grow, mature and develop academically before entering high school.  

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