How to Choose the Right School Community for Your Family

An easy-to-use guide to help you consider what’s most important in choosing the right school for your family.

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You’re trying to find just the right school that will both challenge your child academically and ensure they are a well-rounded person. After careful research, you’ve identified several school communities that could be a good fit for your family, but what questions should you ask?

As you search for a school that meets your family’s academic and social-emotional needs, here are questions you can ask to find, not just a good school, but the right school for your family.

Easy to Use

Print and use this guide as you begin searching for schools all the way until you're ready to make your final decision.

Backed by Research

The information used in this guide is supported by trusted sources such as the Pew Research Center, American Academy of Pediatrics, National Association of Independent Schools, and more. 

Appropriate for a Range of Ages

You can tailor this guide for children from 3 to 14-years-old.

It’s not impossible to make the right school choice for your family. 

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