Veracross How To's

Veracross Teacher Camera & Files Upload App (An iphone/ipad app that will allow you to upload files and photos to your classes portal website for parents and students to view)

Portal Class websites (“website”= what parents see when they go to your class on their parent portal)

Posting Messages or Pages on your class “website”

How to Embed Media in a Message or Page

Managing Photos in your portal

So, what is the LIBRARY all about?

TCS School Calendar


The TCS All-School Calendar is maintained in Veracross by Peatra in the front office.  Before scheduling events and field trips, please check the school calendar for conflicting events.   You can view the school calendar in your Veracross faculty portal OR you subscribe to the calendar so you can view it in Outlook (or most any email program that you wish to use).

To subscribe to the school calendar, login to your portal, click on Calendar from the top navigation bar, then click on Subscribe .  Under Calendar Subscriptions, select School Calendars.  Then click on Subscribe to All School Events.   You will be prompted to launch an application.  Select Outlook.  Now you will be able to select and deselect the school calendar from within Outlook.

Watch this video if you’d like a visual:

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Parent Teacher Conferences

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TCS Google Apps

Please sign in using your school email address + your password to access Google Drive, etc.