Seventh Grade Cord & Cable Drive, Oct. 8-11

By Graysen Mallory, TCS Seventh Grader

Seventh grade is going to have a recycling drive where we will be recycling cords and cables.

Not only will it save space, but it will also save a lot of money. Everything you recycle is tax-deductible which means you have to pay fewer taxes.

Cords and cables specifically are really recyclable because the metal is surrounded by plastic or rubber. That isn’t really recyclable, but the metal inside is valuable. The recyclers will take out the wire, which is made from copper or aluminum, and recycle that. Once recycled, it will save you money and help the environment by reducing trash waste.

The date for the drive is October 8-11. We’ll have bins on the Building A Portico and in the Library. We would love it if you brought some cords that you are thinking of throwing away. So instead, bring them here, and help us Unplug Pollution!