Assistant Head Announcement

February 18, 2016

Sometimes we have to leave home and travel the world to realize that what we needed and wanted was waiting for us at home all along. Such has been our experience with the search of an Assistant Head of School this year.

In early fall 2015, with the help and support of six faculty representatives, we embarked on a search process that took us around this city, the country, and even across the oceans. We reviewed dozens of resumés and brought only the select few to campus to visit with our faculty, staff, and parents. The struggle of choosing between equally capable and great candidates is one only those on the committee can recount. By the end, the choice was clear to all of us. On July 1, 2016Allen Broyles will join our community as the Assistant Head of School.

Allen is currently the Assistant Head at The Howard School here in Atlanta; more importantly, Allen is the parent of two TCS students, 6th grader Catherine and 1st grader Christopher. Allen’s investment in TCS is already unmatched. Besides being an active and engaged parent for the last nine years, he and his wife, Rachel, joined our Vision Team in fall 2015 and helped shape the framework of our school’s future. This spring, Allen will co-chair the Deep Dive team reviewing the class and school schedules to ensure their alignment and integrity with our strategic priorities.

When the search committee called Allen’s references, many – from his current Head to Howard leaders, teachers, and parents – all jokingly wished that Allen would bomb our process so he could stay there. Every one of them commented on Allen’s compassion, strong listening skills, and thoughtful vision and implementation of best practices in education. His breadth and depth of pedagogical leadership and character are exciting as we embark on many influential projects.

Our future glows even more brightly now. Please join me in congratulating Allen and extending a warm embrace.
For the children,

Nishant Mehta
Head of School