Rising First - Rising Third Grades

Summer Bridge 2.0

Slow the summer slide during the newly updated Summer Bridge! Keep your developing reading, spelling, and writing skills fresh with this hands-on, project-based program that acknowledges that it’s summer and you should be having fun!

Newly redesigned for this year. Different experience, same goal. Slow the summer slide in Summer Bridge 2.0!

Did you know that on average students lose four to eight weeks of learning over the summer? Touching on important school skills over the summer sets kids up for a more successful fall by keeping academic skills active, and it doesn’t have to feel like summer school.

What is Summer Bridge 2.0?
Keep your developing reading, spelling, and writing skills fresh in an experiential, science-oriented, and project-based learning environment.

Summer Bridge is an engaging and fun way to help students keep current with their learning from the year in a hands-on, project-based program that acknowledges that it’s summer, and kids should be having fun. Explore the theme of the week on engaging field trips and join Camp Discovery for swimming.

     July 8 – 12:   Explore the life cycle and natural habitat of butterflies and other insects

     July 15 – 19: Explore the concepts of force and motion

Which skills will kids work on in Summer Bridge 2.0?
Teachers will incorporate these essential elements into each week’s theme:

  • Language Arts
  • Read alouds
  • Direct instruction in phonics/spelling
  • Reading fluency development – Reader’s Theater
  • Direct instruction in comprehension strategies
  • Exposure to fiction and non-fiction texts
  • Writing 

Who should attend Summer Bridge?
Students who:

  • Have not had academic skills come easily
  • Need to solidify recently acquired skills
  • Benefit from additional support in the classroom
  • Benefit from staying in the routine of school

Summer Bridge runs for two weeks: July 8 – 12 and July 15 – 19, 8:30 a.m – 3:30 p.m. Students can enroll in one or both weeks.



Camp Type and Fees

Summer Bridge 2.0 is $375 per week.