TCS Book Club and Pop-Up Book Shops Create a Community of Support for Parents All Across Atlanta

As a private school with a public purpose, TCS strives to be a resource for all families – those who go to TCS and those who do not or cannot – across our city. For thousands of families across Atlanta, TCS has provided critical support and coaching for almost five decades, and in 2017, TCS launched our “Perfectly Imperfect Book Club for Modern Parents” and the “Books and Bright Ideas” pop-up book shop to help fill a void and support parents from across Atlanta in the quest to raise kind and confident young adults.

“Even as an independent school, we have a public responsibility to all families of young children,” said Nishant Mehta, TCS Head of School. “TCS is stepping up to help parents create the kind of community, city and country where we can raise children who are confident, self-aware and self-assured citizens who celebrate their authentic selves.”

“It’s easy to say that we want to raise kind children who embrace differences,” continued Nishant. “It’s harder to know exactly what that looks like in daily behavior, especially when the inevitable mean talk or action happens to our child or by them to another. Our conversations provide concrete takeaways for families and dive deep into specific problems and questions that parents bring to the group.”

At the TCS book club and pop-up book shops, advice and solutions don’t just come from one source; instead parents are forming a network at these meetings and providing each other with support.

“Parenting is one responsibility that constantly delights and concerns even the most confident and professionally successful person,” said Nishant. “At our last gathering, we had more than 20 parents come together to offer support to one another, including a new parent of a two-month old boy, wanting to engage early in conversations with other parents and create her own support group as she and her husband learn every day to parent their son.”

While there are some truisms every parent can follow in raising children, the responsibility can feel overwhelming to anyone. Our book club and pop-up book shops offer a place where all parents anywhere in the city of Atlanta can come together to find live coaching, one-on-one mentoring from TCS staff, educators and other parents and most importantly, support and a true sense of community.

For more information on upcoming TCS book club and pop-up book shop dates, click here.