Icky Sticky Creations at TCS Atlanta Summer Camp

TCS campers put on their lab coats and became curious scientists this week! “Icky Sticky” week was full of hands-on learning and STEAM activities for kids to exercise their scientific skills and experiment with all sorts of slimy, gooey stuff. Campers spent each day measuring, mixing, stirring and combining all kinds of ingredients, including imagination, to make their own unique creations!

On a field trip to the World of Coke, they learned about the secret formula for Coca-Cola, went behind-the-scenes for a lesson on the bottling process, and got to taste tons of yummy Coke flavors. Overall, campers discovered some remarkable findings about how science works all around us.

Check out some of the fun experiments below and keep your child’s brain buzzing and hands moving by registering for TCS Summer Camp!