Fostering an Economically Diverse Community at TCS

The Children’s School is committed to diversity in all forms, including fostering an economically diverse school community through our financial aid program.

“Having an economically diverse student body and community provides an opportunity to enrich the learning environment as each member of our TCS family encounters differences and learns from one another,” said Kevin Hanson, director of finance and operations at TCS. “The potential to form friendships that transcend economic divisions is heightened when there is a high level of diversity.”

Our founder, Lila McDill, intended for the school to be a place that educated students from a range of backgrounds. Today, 18 percent of our student body receives a total of more than $550,000 in financial aid.

“We appreciate the support of our families who generously contribute to campaigns that are targeted to enhance our financial aid funding. These donations help us build on our strategic vision of deepening the school’s child-centered, embracing, and inclusive community.” Kevin said.

Economic diversity is essential to the educational experiences of all families, and TCS is committed to making our educational experience more accessible to more families.

“More students can enroll at TCS where they feel valued as unique individuals and are safe to show up as their authentic selves every day,” said Kevin. “Students educated at TCS take their experiences out into the broader community with the aim to use their voices to exact positive change.”

Thank you to all of the TCS families and community members who make our financial aid programs possible through your ongoing support for our fundraising campaigns. The economic diversity of our community, which makes such a lasting and positive impact on our students and families, is made possible because of our families’ generous support!