Building and Collaborating in TCS Atlanta’s Kindergarten Classroom

TCS Atlanta Kindergarten students are bulldozing through a new “Building and Collaboration” project-based learning unit!

“We are doing this special unit because of the opportunity we had with the construction happening on campus, and the kids have really been into our building block area this year” said Kindergarten teacher Rachel.

The children are learning how to plan and work with a team and the importance of having a plan. They’ve had a great time sharing ideas, listening to others’ ideas, and sticking to a timeline.

Students watch the progress of the construction happening right outside their classroom window for a live example of how projects are completed from start to finish. The builders and architects love sharing with the kids all the cool work that’s taking place!

Each child  drew their own design for a building they would like to create, using  a printmaking technique to make blueprints and different materials to build structures. They are using these designs to create a visualization right inside their classroom of what a neighborhood looks like.

As they build an imaginary neighborhood of their own, they learn about building communities – what kind of buildings go in to a community, who uses those buildings, and more.

The kindergarteners also built a huge floor maze made of blocks for the sixth and seventh graders to drive their Sphero robots through! The Middle Grades students recently learned how to code the robots to move in their digital literacy class so our young, brave learners were up to challenge to show off their new “Building and Collaboration” skills.