Advantages to a Private School Education

When making a school choice, families today can select from public schools, charter schools, online schools and  private independent schools. With more than 2,000 private schools in the United States educating more than 700,000 pre-k through high school students, private schools are popular because they offer families a school choice that challenges and nurtures, is mission driven and prepares their child for the future. Almost 100 percent of private school graduates go on to college and half of those attend highly selective colleges.

There are many advantages to a private school education. If you find yourself wondering: “are private schools worth it?”, here are just a few of the advantages to choosing a private school over any other  type of school:

School Choice That Aligns With Your Family’s Values

There are many different types of private schools – day school or boarding school, religious or non-denominational, co-ed or single sex – and, unlike other school choices, private schools are mission driven with their own unique philosophy. Each family can choose the private school whose mission resonates and aligns with their family’s values.

Instills a Love of Learning in Students

Private schools have the flexibility to teach how students learn best. This “freedom within a framework” engages students, taps into their natural curiosity and stokes their desire to learn, creating lifelong learners who thrive in school and beyond.

Students and Teachers Develop Close  Relationships

Lower student-to-teacher ratios allow private school teachers to develop close  relationships with their students which is key to their intellectual and emotional growth and learning. A close teacher-student relationship helps students feel known, understood, believed in and  challenged to be their best

Offer Differentiated Learning to Effectively Challenge Each Student

With lower student-to-teacher ratios, private school teachers can tailor their lessons to their students’ unique skills, interests, passions and curiosities. Private school teachers can also be responsive and meet every child where they’re at academically and push students forward with the right balance of challenge and nurture. As a result, students feel confident and assured in their academic abilities throughout their learning journey.

Focus on the Whole Child

Character education teaches and celebrates character traits like respect, empathy, self control and cooperation that are integral to both academic achievement and success in life. Private schools recognize the importance of character education and intentionally build it into their curriculum rather than treating it as an add on. This creates an environment where students feel secure knowing their classmates value compassion and respect; perform better academically because they can practice self control; and become the best versions of themselves because they feel more confident.

Prepares Students for Their Future

Private schools prepare students for the future with academically rigorous curricula that also incorporate tough-to-teach skills like critical thinking, collaboration and proactiveness. Private schools that combine a challenging curriculum with powerful and innovative experiences graduate students with 21st century skills who are also purpose-driven leaders, prepared to shape the world for good. .

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