TCS Big/Little Buddies

Gracie (top) and Madison (bottom)

One of TCS students’ favorite traditions is the Big/Little Buddy program. Older students are paired with younger students to play, read and have fun together. The relationship between a big buddy and a little buddy is hugely important! For the little buddies, it’s someone they can look up to and count on, and for the big buddies, it’s a responsibility they take seriously.

Each Thursday, our pre-k class plays with our big buddies outside. Meet one of those pairs: Madison (sixth grade) and Gracie (pre-k)!

What do you like most about being a big buddy?

Madison: It’s really fun! It’s cool to hang out with little kids. It’s like having a little sister.

What do you like most about your big buddy, Madison?

Gracie: She likes to play with me!

What are your favorite things to do together?

Madison: Ride bikes

Gracie: Build castles